Arch Linux 2022.04.05 I already contacted 2 maintainers that we maybe finally get a proper changelog page.

Arch Linux 2022.04.01 Lemmy blocks the URL for whatever reasons ^ so I had to put it into the body.

Arch linux installation tutorial

At least someone heard me and wrote an article, finally, thanks. It is a big thing that deserves some attention.

Arch Linux turned 20 years old today. It was released on 11/March/2002
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Having issue with torrent after using tor
I use archtorify to have tor system-wide, and after clearing it and going back to normal traffic, I try to use torrent but it doesn't work. I've tried with a couple of bittorrent clients with no luck. With the browser happens the same but it gets fixed if I restart the network manager. Any idea of what might be happening and how can I fix this issue?

I reinstalled *Manjaro Cinnamon 21.2.2-220123-linux515* trying to get rid of this error with no luck. I've only copied my dotfiles from an external drive and run the installation script. Whenever I try a `git init` in any empty repository I get `/git: permission denied`. Which doesn't tell me anything. I've found that the error is produced because of this lines in the installation of my dotfiles: ``` sudo tee -a /etc/profile /etc/zshenv /etc/zsh/zshenv &>/dev/null <<EOF export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=$XDG_CONFIG_HOME export ZDOTDIR=$ZDOTDIR EOF ``` If I change the lines appended to those files and restart the system it doesn't give me an error, but then my configuration isn't loaded. But that could mean the error happens anywhere in my configuration and I don't know how to find it.

Arch Linux Update On The Status Of Its Toolchain
> "For the future, we are trying to bring more people to work with the whole toolchain, so it is not too much of a bus factor. We should have at least two toolchain maintainers, not just one." - [Background](

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Arch Linux 2022.02.01 ISO is out
[Arch Linux 2022.02.01 ISO]( No clue about the changelog, never found a specific website or repo for that otherwise I would just link the changelog and add the ISO. If someone knows, lemme know.

Arch Linux 2022.01.01

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[SOLVED]Eclipse disappeared from the official repos / Applications
Mmm. A lot of legacy plugins works with Eclipse components. 😥

Want to help Arch Linux? Install pkgstats! It gives basic telemetry on which packages you use!
Related: [How to enable telemetry on KDE]( pkgstats is a great way to help the Arch Linux packagers figure out which packages are being used by ((people who enable telemetry)). You can see some cool results of it here: Similarly if you use the AUR a lot, check out [aur-auto-vote](

How to manually setup Whonix networks for QEMU?
I would like to run Whonix directly using QEMU instead of using libvirt and I want to manually setup internal and external network. Using libvirt I would need to run those commands: virsh net-define Whonix-External.xml virsh net-define Whonix-Internal.xml virsh net-start Whonix-External.xml virsh net-start Whonix-Internal.xml Whonix-External.xml: <network> <name>Whonix-External</name> <forward mode='nat'/> <bridge name='virbr1' stp='on' delay='0'/> <ip address='' netmask=''/> </network> Whonix-Internal.xml: <network> <name>Whonix-Internal</name> <bridge name='virbr2' stp='on' delay='0'/> </network> I only know that I have to use `ip link` and `ip tuntap` commands for that but I'm not even sure where to start, especially that Whonix-Gateway uses both networks and both Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation share Whonix-Internal network. I also know I will have to add `-netdev` and `-device` options to the QEMU command but I don't know how to make the VM pick the right network e.g. how to tell Whonix-Workstation to use Whonix-Internal instead of Whonix-External. If there are any other informations needed let me know and I will edit the post if needed.

Grub 2.06 Update changes : archlinux
Not sure if now grub finally supports decrypting luks2 encrypted boot partitions. Hopefully it does... One of the commenters mentioned it...

Octopi - how to make it display only packages waiting for update?
Hi. I wanna make octopi behave as close as possible to what pamac was, meaning that I want it to display only the packages with available updates. Atm it displays all installed packages and on top of that it ignores the pacman.conf feature "ignorepkg" and displays waiting updates for packages that I've added to ignorepkg. So, what I need help with is: 1. How to make octopi display only packages waiting for updates? 2. The above but WITHOUT displaying new versions for packages that are in the ignorepkg list.

Arch Linux - News: Sorting out old password hashes
2021-06-08 - Christian Hesse Starting with libxcrypt 4.4.21, weak password hashes (such as MD5 and SHA1) are no longer accepted for new passwords. Users that still have their passwords stored with a weak hash will be asked to update their password on their next login. If the login just fails (for example from display manager) switch to a virtual terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F2) and log in there once.

Limit the download speed from within the OS?
Hi, guys. I'm wondering if there's any way to limit the download speed from within Arch? I have made settings for that in the router CP but they don't seem to work bc Arch is completely ignoring them and keeps downloading with the full bandwidth it can get. The thing is that our IPTV is from another provider which is why I need to leave some bandwidth for the TV. When I'm downloading something directly (meaning from FTP or TCP), even if it's just for a fraction of the second, the TV dies instantly. That's why I need to limit the download speed somehow - preferably from within Arch.

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