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Can I pay for the Premium account with crypto currencies?
Basically what title tells.

Tutanota supports ukraine
Dear Privacy Fan, The Russian invasion in Ukraine is an attack on a free, democratic country. We stand with the people in the Ukraine and are donating 25% of revenue from new subscriptions in February and March to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Spread the word about our initiative and upgrade your account now! As the war in Ukraine relentlessly gathers pace and has already reached large parts of the country, many civilians are trying to get to safety. More than half a million people have already fled to neighboring Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Many have been on the road for several days, traveled across the country and then had to stand for hours in front of the clogged border, often without food, in the cold. At the border, families need to separate from husbands, fathers and sons as only women, children and old people are allowed to leave the country. The need for humanitarian aid is multiplying and increasing by the hour, says UNICEF. In these dark times, we are thankful that we can support humanitarian aid in Ukraine with your help! Thank you, your Tutanota Team

Tutanota spends a long time trying to establish connection with server if i mark a few messages as read/unread in quick succession
Any fixes? "The server is processing your request, please be patient" -> this message won't go away unless i refresh the page.

Tutanota (was) experiencing DDOS for those of you who were trying to login
oh yeah and i created this community so as to post tutanota ddos updates and such..

Tutanota - unofficial Tutanota community
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    An unofficial community for Tutanota users.

    Tutanota is an open-source (client source code only) email provider based in Hanover, Germany.



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