EC - NGI0 Liaison -- Webinars and Workshop April 2021
Agenda Indicative duration is set within parenthesis next to the sections. Online venue is FediverseWebinars (Big Blue Button) Webinar I – Introduction to ActivityPub 2021-04-19T08:00:00Z (UTC) → 2021-04-19T10:00:00Z (UTC) Convenor: Joost Agterhoek (@j8ter), NGI Zero Consortium / NLnet Participants 48 participants joined the first webinar, from various European and national institutions, and the ActivityPub community. Some introduced themselves in the shared notes of the Big Blue Butt...

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Dear !, we announce:

ActivityPub for Administrations

Our members at SocialHub are very busy preparing for our European Commission events. In two webinars and a workshop we’ll introduce EU representatives to ActivityPub and its applications on the Fediverse

Besides focus on deploying ActivityPub apps within EU institutions, we’ll establish liaison, and will hopefully broaden mutual co-op in future. The EC is following a path of adoption of FOSS software and very interested in alternatives to Big Tech social media platforms.

We organize together with NGI Zero who have provided funding for many federated apps and research projects. They are a great help in setting up the current event.

The event takes place on 19, 26 and 29 April, and is free to join for anyone who is interested. Follow the attached link for more details.

Here is the announcement at NGI:

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I don’t understand the magnitude of this, but it sounds pretty big. Definitely interested in listening in.

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Yes, indeed it might be. But we don’t know really… it depends which EC representatives join the event. We couldn’t get a very clear picture of the audience. But in any case the EC has really nice plans to support FOSS and alternatives to proprietary, dominant non-EU tech platforms. They want to create a flourishing app ecosystem within the EU, and are looking into all kinds of support. It is exciting. This is just introductory, and we hope from this event we can deepen relationships.

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