Binaural Beats is a project around based in the study.

The rhythm are for different purposes, including concentration, sleep, etc.

All of them have white noise in background and the rhythm are set on top of it.

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This site: 1.asked to download certificates 2.has horrible mobile support 3.does not work 4.looks old as fuck and depreciated

Yup, those are red flags for me.
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The first or the second?

The first I don’t think is going to be upgraded. The software has development maintained but for that is better just to use other apps based on it.

The second, I tell you that is normal. Some websites referencing studies and mostly old ones have a very lack of maintenance.

The best a person could do is just get the DOI links and try to download the papers using a sci-hub instance.

BTW, I didn’t see any request to download any certificate or accept them. Check your ca-certificates package to know if it is upgraded.

If you are using Android, I think it is upgraded with the own system.

In addition, both websites work correctly.

I’m in shock. Is this placebo? It works so well!?
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I cannot tell that all of them work, but at least 2 or 3 I used seemed to work because several times I just selected the wrong one while testing and instead of sleep I got other state.

I think a good way to test is just put them with headphones to a friend without telling them which one you selected.

In wikipedia, I found a reference to article.

I don’t know the trackers it has but I would use an adblock as minimum. It references several DOI documents of studies which are accessible.

I could not get the document of the study I referenced before through DOI, so this is why I list this here.

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