Whether we choose to think about it or not, humans in their daily lives directly cause immense suffering to the little creatures. Leaving them half crushed, spraying poison, drowning. Have you ever observed these events closely, and possibly worsening the situation for the insect: tear off a leg, peel a wing?

3urte bat

It’s unfair for the same reason if you push a button that seemingly does nothing, but kills another person, it’s unfair to the other person regardless if you notice or not. A life has still ended to no fault of its own.

the difference is that a human life matters and an insect life doesn’t. And the insect situation is real, and the human-button situation is hypothethical.

2urte bat

Matters according to what/whom?

NFT screenshotter
0urte bat

so what even is your point? At first it came off as a vegan-adjacent argument to make people think about the harm they cause in their day-to-day life but then you come out saying that “we should experience an insect torture to understand its insignificance & inevitability” and “a human life matters and an insect life doesn’t”. Are you trying to justify some sort of insect directed sadism? Or is this an argument for misanthropy?

There is no pleasure in witnessing suffering of even insects. There is only acknowledgement. The point is that I think people should pay attention to insects more but not feel bad/or even care when they die.

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