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Fennec is just like Firefox, only for mobile phones. LibreWolf is a privacy-oriented hardened fork of Firefox. Mull is practically the same as LibreWolf, only for mobile phones. It is a privacy-oriented hardened fork of Fennec. You can get the same results as Mull or LibreWolf with Fennec or Firefox, if you adjust the Fennec or Firefox settings accordingly. I usually say that if you use LbreWolf, you should use Mull on mobile phones.

Bromite is a Chromium-based browser which, in my opinion, means unusable on mobile phones. It lacks many features and (as I feel it) the UX is terrible from the usability perspective. However, I would say that Bromite is the closest you can get to Ungoogled Chromium on mobile phones. Privacy-wise, Bromite browser should be a good choice if you want/need Chromium-based browser. However, there are some perks of using Bromite one might find pretty useful. For example, see’s comment here.
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Thanks, just installed fennec. Looks very nice, I could switch from Firefox Beta to Fennec.

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I would say this cannot be a step in a wrong direction. And if you feel adventurous, you might want to start exploring how your browser can be hardened to ensure better privacy. Or you can install pre-hardened forks of Fennec. The beauty in this is that you actually have the choice. Many proprietary browsers do not give you that. Have fun and enjoy.
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so far so good.

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