IRC is not only out of date and useless, but it is not like the others on the list. IRC doesn’t federate, it globulates. Each network is completely independent and there is a very high barrier to join any given network as a server. An IRC client might make sense but integration could only ever be minimal. There might be a draw if Freenode was still a thing but it’s not really, and honestly it is way past time for those projects to find a home on XMPP or matrix.
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Calling irc ‘useless’ is a bit much. It’s not as popular as it once was but I’ve come into contact with (and keep in contact) with some very informed people courtesy of irc.
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I mean… when it comes to public chatrooms, even if you federate, both the hosting and the control of the chatroom are centralized anyway, so the only benefit of federating is the “nice-to-have” convenience of not needing multiple accounts, which you can already get if you set up bridging anyway… so imho, an IRC channel with proper bridging covers all bases and allows cross-communicating with many different protocols. Since IRC is fairly simple it’d be relatively easy to bridge it with automatic or minimal steps for the user.

Personally, I think it’s 1-on-1 communication what makes federation (or p2p) be the most useful, or maybe private groups too, but federation in public groups isn’t really necessary. Imho, it makes more sense to solve the “multiple accounts” problem with specialized authentication services, and separate user management from content providers.

2urte bat

Exactly! Which is also why XMPP never really aimed to replaced IRC for public chat rooms and is strongest in 1:1 and private groups (and has an excellent gateway to join IRC channels).

I never really understood why Matrix made “everything” a group chat and basically started out as a glorified IRC bouncer. If those people behind old Freenode/ were not so stuck in the past and held back IRC development a lot, then people would have definilty kept using modern IRC instead of switching to the buggy mess that is Matrix.

4urte bat

Libera Chat is Freenode in all but name and I’m a great fan of the culture there. The people are friendly and knowledgeable.

Less popular operating systems, for example 9front, don’t have Matrix or XMPP support (yet). Like e-mail or HTML over http, IRC serves as common denominator for communication. That said, I regard IRC like e-mail, insofar that it will not be replaced anytime soon despite glaring technical flaws and limitations. So, sign up today! :D

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