6urte bat

All corporate software is crap and it’s gonna get worse and worse as the need to hold subscribers and users increases. It’s already happening with facebook and other social media making segregates spaces online and it’s only gonna get worse if people start using VR and other shit.

It’s gonna lead to people being completely disconnected from each other unless they use the same service or are part of the same social media. I do not have a good prospect for us if things don’t change drastically when it comes to tech and our use of tech.

2urte bat

I this I agree, corporate software/service is the right term to difference good from bad soft or service, not if it is FOSS or not, because big compañies also distribute FOSS. In my opinion a soft of a small team or particular dev is very often more thrustworth, even when it’s proprietary, than a FOSS product from Google, M$, Fakebook or Amazon… In the past FOSS was still a certain guarantee, but since these big companies and even goverments took hold of this world with own catalogues and stores (GitHub, GitLab, Google code, etc.), it is not so much anymore.

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