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im gonna split the sentences to ease reading:

first of all, as i understand hoverboard is a board that hovers over the ground and that is used like a skateboard. tomo tawa supa describes a room that moves and is somehow related to flat horizontal surfaces, a better way to describe a hoverboard might be supa tawa instead
EDIT: i read hoverboard instead of hovercraft, my bad, tomo tawa telo/tomo tawa lon sewi works perfectly then.

tomo tawa supa mi pi lon sewi li jo e kala linja mute mute
without context, i would interpret the “lon” in “pi lon sewi” as a modifier instead of a preposition, the phrase is understandable anyways, so, pona.

kala linja mute mute li lon insa pi tomo tawa supa mi pi lon sewi
personally, i’m not a fan of recursive anything in toki pona, I would connect the “pi lon sewi” to the “insa”, the phrase is understandable so, pona.

tomo tawa mi pi tawa kepeken kon li jo e kala linja mute lon insa ali ona
“pi tawa kepeken kon” feels redundant, to me, that is, “supa tawa mi kepeken kon li jo e …” feels understandable to me, but it could be put under discussion.
“lon insa ali ona” i would not understand without an explanation, this form is pona ala.

kala linja (mute) li lon tomo tawa telo mi
this one is really concise and understandable, absolute pona a.

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im gonna split the sentences to ease reading:

whoops sorry, when i copied pasted it it didn’t keep the spacing.

All the sentences mean the same thing right?

pretty much, yes

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