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@OptimusPrime single identity across several fedi services

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Yes agreed. This is by far the most direly needed across the fediverse. The Nomad protocol implemented in Streams offers nomadic identity. There’s various discussions on SocialHub on it like this one but until now no real further implementation efforts, AFAIK. There’s movement on the W3C DID Recommendation (where there are many methods, a lot of those blockchain-based but others not blockchain dependent such as did:ORB).

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THIS! The thing that is the most immediate and frustrating thing about getting into Fedi. I started out making whole new accounts (with the same user name) every time I clicked a link to a Mastodon instance. Both because I wanted to make sure I had the name I wanted, and because I didn’t understand that I needed to more manually add users to my follow lists (and in some cases it seems some instances need you to be part of their instance). I also had made accounts for some of the other Fedi social media sites here and there at some point. Just to go back and see that the site/instance isn’t there anymore. So at the very least it would be nice to see both easier ways (at least more obvious ones) to transfer accounts with all the stuff posted/favorited/etc to new instances. And maybe a way to kind of do cold storage backups of accounts that can be saved by the user. Kind of similar (but not the same) to how you can make a local wallet of crypto that all you need to do to use it is to load the recovery words into a warm wallet. That way I can basically see that a site went down, and not have lost as much.

That and figuring out some kind of search standards that can be enabled for finding other Fedi things and just seeing stuff. Something that makes it easier to at least search for media content like getting results for all PeerTube instances in one place. But can be left off or set levels by the instances that don’t want to participate. With so many people getting frustrated at YouTube and the ever increasing ad counts. Making at least the finding of stuff easier for normies (and getting apps on devices like Roku) would help get more creators to at least duplicate their channels this way. The time for getting serious alts out there is now IMO. People put up with YouTube due to ease of use and because they don’t see real options that aren’t outright grifts or otherwise feels super sus.

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