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I love how all of the big retail and service companies are treating drops in profits compared to 2020 as if it were smart to have based projections on that year specifically. All of them saw a massive influx of purchases and subscriptions due to people not being able to go anywhere or literally having to all of a sudden buy shit in order to work from home. I work a service position at a retail chain in the US, and have personally seen how my company both treated shit like they were about to go out of business (even though they made crazy big profits compared to any normal year), AND honestly base sales metrics and shit like that on said massive profits like it was something that would just keep going higher and higher. They sent out multiple fake pleas for everyone to understand “we have all had to make massive sacrifices” and how “we have to get rid of workers that have had multiple decades of experience because the company so badly needs more profits”.

Literally some of the most tone-deaf shit I have ever witnessed when I had to watch our CEO’s video messages. Fake sadness in trying to make thousands of workers “understand” why it was important to get rid of them because they want more money. Of course our current CEO is our former CFO, and those fucks literally only care about numbers and not the how or why. The capitalists do weird things to get a good “brand” image. Like maybe have lots of customer service workers that actually help customers with issues (not always just simply giving free stuff either, but actually hearing the people out). But the second they have a “good” year and see that it might drop (or God forbid stay level). Then they start getting rid of the very things that got the “good brand”. And just start getting rid of things and act like “why are the rest of you not ‘adding value’ or building real relationships with our customers?” It is always the workers’ fault and then they get such a low opinion of the importance of workers that they need to work.

I am willing to bet that if Amazon dips low enough, it will be yet another “too big to fail” bullshit moment. They will get no strings attached tax payer money and will purge workers anyway (while giving themselves those “much deserved” bonuses). Though maybe another round of that bullshit that still claims to pray at the church of “free market principles” while demanding free government aid/protection. It might actually awaken enough of the masses to start physically harming the CEOs/elites/politicians IRL. Which would be a boon for converting people to the left.

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