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I second the advice of @suspended and urge you to seek advice from medical professionals. My background’s in biochemistry and I advise you to at least exhaust all medical avenues available to you before approaching self-medication, which is the last resort of only the most desperate.

I’ve been down this road myself. Its long, frustrating and seems utterly pointless and in my personal experience a lot of it genuinely was! A lot of the medications they’ll put you on will be a bust, assuming you get that far at all. But be it SSRIs like citalopram, sertraline or some other form of anti-depressant or anti-psychotic, you should at the very least still eliminate these possibilities before resorting to what you’re asking for. The effects of meds on an individidual’s personal biochemistry are slippery; there are no absolute guarantees of things working like they’re supposed to. This is why its so important that the process is overseen by trained professionals with a full record of what you’ve had and what your response is, so that they may adjust accordingly or intervene in the event of an unforeseen development that puts your immediate or long term health in jeopardy.

What you ultimately decide to do is up to you alone, but please at least consider what me and @suspended are saying. We’re telling you this out of concern for your own wellbeing.

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