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True, it does matter either who is there first, or at least who can manage to lead a sufficient number of people there at the same time. This is the thing that has made it super hard to get away from YouTube. Either there are barriers to entry like PeerTube (obviously since it is Fediverse), or it is just so saturated with right-wingers ranging from fascists to ancaps.

Some stuff like Lbry/Odysee have managed to get some bursts of “normies” from YouTubers/podcasters that have made an effort to tell their viewers and listeners how they can get content if YT comes down on them. I personally think that the faster that apps for Lbry/Odysee and PeerTube can be used on things like Roku/PlayStation/XBox/Google Cast. Then the easier and faster more people will be able to use the platforms.

PeerTube is the real tricky one since it requires the content makers to pay attention to stuff like file sizes and other upload limits/rules are in place for their chosen instance. Which they don’t have to even think about with YT. The viewer side is just as tricky since finding new stuff/creators beyond your current instance means being active about it. Which by itself isn’t that bad, but saving stuff to your lists if something is from another server is not always super smooth to do.

Maybe there is a way for PeerTube to put an official app together that can make it easy to add instances to it in a way that would allow seeing stuff from those instances (maybe see the “Top/Popular” uploads for the day/week/etc). Then if you choose to follow a channel or save a vid to a playlist it could just add it to your actual account without having to enter the info. Then other apps could be able to use whatever api’s are used for the official app. That way the official app can be kind of like how third party GPU companies release their own versions of the “founders” versions from AMD/Nvidia but with their own additions. Or how the Fediverse can work on so many projects as long as the standards are respected.

24 hilabete

@dRLY That would work out. I use NewPipe on my phone, which does quite a lot of these, but an official cross-platform solution like this would definitely come in handy

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