What next after recognizing the supposed genocide of Uyghurs? (discussion post)

Should China be nuked? Basically, what is the end goal? Or just a new cold war (which I think has been in the making)? …

In Holland numbers keep dropping and it is reported today that with 1066 infections the number is for the first time in 273 days under the so-called signal value. A few days I looked at and the graph is going towards a horizontal line…


I am of course aware of Liberapay (and Patreon). …

Are people supposed to vote down content in groups they are not in?

Right now I see mass-downvoting of content in groups, downvotes who seem to come from people who clearly aren’t apart of the group. This means, not only are they downvoting it from the public home-timeline, but they are downvoting content so that people within the group are less likely to see the co…

Lemmy Clients For Android (other than Lemmur)

Are there any other Lemmy clients for android other than Lemmur? I wanna explore them…

How to create a bot that cross posts across multiple social platforms?

TILvids is a peertube instance and they have this Video of the day program, which is really nice. So the PeerTube links are cross posted by the admin across multiple platforms manually. (see c/tilvids) …

The heck is this nonsense? Instance admins please take note of this attempt to mislead the community members.

Which one do you prefer, traditional or vertical mices?

I recently bought a vertical mouse and so far, gaming aside, I’m very satisfied with it, for the posture and comfort factor. I’m slowly practicing my gaming skills again. Now, I was wondering, how many people do prefer vertical mices over traditional ones?..

Maybe the solution to the fighting that happens on Lemmy is users sharing some common ground? Ways to cultivate that?

Instead of dealing with the constant stream of posts maybe every now and then we can have a big discussion about a fundamental topic? …

Am i crazy or just stupid?

Many times when talking to people i have a feeling that they can’t understand me ,also often i have many ideas and thoughts that everyone says “are you stupid?” or “man you just talk shit”…

Looking at Internet history at some point Google bought Youtube, and they started to replace Flash videos by the rather new video codec they bought, developed and made open source. Youtube became so big that probably millions of people became and are either hooked or dependent on it. …

Wim Hof Method

Hey Lemmy! I am curious if anyone here has tried the Wim Hof Method out. What was your experience like, did you notice any changes, positive or negative? …

Is there a way to filter communities I don't want to see?

Or is it planned at least? In the last days browsing “all” by new it’s almost impossible. There’s a community that is posting literally thousands of links everyday making it basically a monopoly of them. I’m not asking them to be banned or anything, but I’m just not interested in their content, so …

How do you deal with anti-vaxxers?

I’ll be honest, this is as much a question as it is a vent. …

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