Music under Creative Commons License. …

[Artist] Anttis' music

More than 1700 instrumental pieces free under creative commons 3.0 by (Free to use in your games, monetizable videos, vlogs, podcasts, advertisements, films or what ever. Just credit Antti Luode) (If you can not, that is fine too.)


With his permission I uploaded all free available releases of Unfa to Funkwhale. He is an artist making music with only free and open source software. Let’s give it a chance :)…

Is this community new?

I found thi community… hoe long does it exist? …

Konsum Productions is a Netlabel and artist platform for homeless musicians. Its supporting independent artists publishing their works no matter what Genre. The music is available for free download. … - run by nerds, for nerds!

I dropped this onto another VPS, great community behind funkwhale. …

Album – Open.Audio

Tryad - Public Domain…


Funkwhale is a modern, self-hosted, federated, free and open-source music server.


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