Looking for someone that could give info of what a black flag on a video represents/says. The black flag appears here at 1:04.

Looking at the video it seems that the police only target the individual carrying the flag. The video a report about the Navalny arrest today.

Didn’t know where to ask here on lemmy , couldn’t find a russian/vexillology communitie here, if this doesnt fit here I will delete it

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the flag is flipped (for whatever reason the text is in the same position on both sides and not reversed), which is perhaps why it’s difficult to read, the second word is definitely клуб in reverse, and the first word begins with ч, and has two й, so most likely the first word is чайный

so my guess would be it’s чайный клуб (tea club)

i assume this is their website, and if you look at the header you can see a face with a monocle that imo looks really similar to that of a flag shown in the video

from a quick read of their website it’s a movement that separated from the libertarian party of russia, and the name is a reference to the boston tea party

as to why that person was targeted in particular: don’t try to rationalize or attempt to seek logic in police behaviour, they are just selectively arresting anyone they choose, people with flags or posters in particular

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Serge Tarkovski
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Russian is one of my native languages though it helps very little here as I couldn’t spot any Russian on the video, it’s all in Portuguese or something. I’m not from Russia, so have a little idea on the flag, and it’s poorly visible anyway. However, it’s likely as the previous commenter said, could be an anarchists’ flag.

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Correct, it’s a news article in Portuguese. Let me describe it: “The leader of the Russian opposition, Alexei Navalny is going to spend 2 years + 8 months in a penal colony… over violating the terms in a sentence from 2014 that transitioned from suspended to effective.” Then it goes on to several of his supporters (thousands) getting arrested during the audience/protests. Some over his alleged poisoning, which the Kremlin denied. When an European Diplomatic leader visited they said that they wouldn’t take lessons from Brussels.

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