Xiaomi has Patented a Full-Screen Fingerprint Reader. How does it work? - xiaomiui
Fingerprint scanners have been in the fashion of android marketplaces since 2018, but the technology has not improved for a while, as it is difficult to

Xiaomi has patented a new fingerprint scanning technology that allows the user to use the fingerprint sensor by touching any part of their screen. Now you don’t have to try anymore to turn on your phone or place your finger on the finger reader, because you can do this by touching anywhere on the phone’s screen. This is a very privacy issue.

It will have a set of infrared LED light transmitters under the capacitive touch screen layer and above the usual AMOLED display.

Why is this a privacy issue?

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The phone always knows who is using it, not just when you want it to know.

Wow. I wouldn’t have come up with that myself, thx.

Is this currently being abused by any OS or apps?

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He who keepeth a secret must keep it a secret that he has a secret to keep.

If you disable whatsapp’s permission to access fingerprint, it crashes. If you have an operating system full of apps like this, there is a problem.

I didn’t know android introduces a permission for the fingerprint, I’m still on android 10. Good to know that you can disable that in the recent versions

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I used permission manager X, an f droid app to change system permissions, these aren’t present in the interface

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Just wait until all of those McDonalds touchscreen kiosks have these allowing them to know who purchased what where and at what time. Now imagine every interaction with any shopping experience moving to touchscreens like this. Coming soon to every store near you.

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the one on my new, just outta the box Xiaomi phone never worked. in hindsite, that was a blessing in disguise.

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That’s pretty dope, but I have a Xiaomi phone and the current fingerprint reader is really fast and good enough anyway tho.

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