I’m grateful for my functional eyes. I depend on them for everything, I can’t imagine living blind.

That I don’t have to worry about having a home, or having enough food, water, heat, etc.

I can live by my own, I don’t really need anybody. But I’m grateful that I have a huge network of friends and family able to help me if I’m in need


i am glad you are :D

Being fortunate. It’s like living the life in normal difficulty. There is some many unfortunate people who have to fight for everything…


I am extremely grateful of that too


Having a job. That gives me some purpose in life

Where I lived some years ago there was this very old lady that often went to the grocery store at about the same time I did. I often saw her giving money to a beggar in front of the store always replying to his faint “thank you” with an “I have to thank” and a heartwarming smile. Whenever something small troubles me, I think of this woman and then I remember how small my problems really are and how small actions of kindness can have a huge impact on strangers. I hope she is doing well.

I am grateful for the Scene, allowing me to access an infinite amount of culture at only the price of an internet connection

Being a human. Free education (up to age 18).


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