I thinks it is about time to rally the gang, and go enlighten then folks over at reddit. now that reddit had decided to remove opt-out for logged-in accounts!
What do you think folks ?

Came here for this reason… hope this place picks up steam :D

A few weeks back Reddit started banning Tor browser from www.reddit.com, consistantly returning 503 error. old.reddit.com still works though :)

Is this verified? Not defending reddit, but is there a ban for all Tor traffic or was it just a single account that they decided looked “suspicious”?

So far it’s only verified by me but every link i’ve followed to Reddit in the past weeks has consistently returned 503, from any exit node i tried with.

hi just heard of lemmy hope for a bright future 👋


Oh, I already started spreading the Good News since yesterday on r/Europe, r/de, r/Germany, and I will soon spread The Word on my country’s alternative subreddit (r/Jordanians). I already made a community for my country here.

I hope more people do the same


also, isn’t this a huge fucking GDPR violation?

yes, and people from the EU are already filing a metric ton of complaints ever since it started being disclosed


nice :)


We will no longer support the option to opt out of personalization of ads based on your Reddit activity.

Reddit’s commitment to user privacy isn’t changing. For users who want to have a non-personalized version of Reddit, they can always continue to use Reddit without logging in.


Typical corporate speak.

I share opinion with someone who commented on that Reddit post regarding continuing their commitment to privacy while also making it less private: “I don’t like to be blunt, but don’t piss on my shoe and tell me it’s raining.”


Best option to browse reddit

https://libredd.it gopher://gopherddit.com

Fixed it :)

I think going forward I’d rather just use lemmy.


I would love to use it exclusively, but there’s not enough content to browse for very long

but there’s not enough content to browse for very long

Actually that’s quite refreshing. I spend way too much time on reddit. Quality of life improvement right there.

But using reddit is optional, right? I don’t see any real reason then.


Yes, it’s just for entertainment. I’m trying to say that Lemmy doesn’t serve as a replacement yet.

Privacy communities run a fine line between spreading the message of privacy and seeming like some overly paranoid, conspiratorial cult. If you keep trying to “go enlighten the folks over at reddit”, the public perception of use as a community will become latter.

Hello shill. Keep up the good work smearing those who love and appreciate privacy. You’re doing great!

Maybe @Dessaline@lemmy.ml is the best to answer it, but are there any measures of how many new sign ups there are?


I used to be particularly fond of some subreddits, where it was easy to get support on certain things I use, like Arch, Artix, lineageOS, microG, gnu+linux, keybase (when it was promising), etc… The amount of other users which might be able to help is big on several subreddits. But it’s been a while since privacy has been a concern, and I was waiting for some lemmy features to finally leave reddit, but they do what they can to push me out, :)

I guess you can use irc or matrix for support.

True, but what made those subreddits really useful is the amount of users, which is hard to match somewhere else. Any ways, time to look for alternatives…

Henlo. I had no idea this place even exists and someone over there pointed me here. Guess it’s working? :p

Please provide teddit.net or libredd.it links instead.


Gotta love corporate communication.

“Oh hey guys, this week we’ve just been cleaning up some settings – nothing much to see here. BTW we’re fucking all of you over. Not a big deal, though, since you can still use Reddit perfectly fine without tracking by giving up such unimportant features as actually being able to interact with the platform at all.”


Yeah so far so good with lemmy, only complaint is there is no official app yet.


there are :)

lemmur for android and lemmer for ios

I’m currently using Lemmur, it’s really good! Definitely recommend

I don’t like it personally, it’s very much alpha software.

Apart from scrolling lag, I do not see much issues with it. A bit optimisation will do the trick.

Maybe some button layouts and UX stuff here and there, and an option for compact layout of posts like old Reddit, or reddit is fun app compact view.

Thats the thing with FLOSS software. You can help it becoming better by contributing or just fork it to do your own stuff

Because every and any FOSS lover knows exactly how to make Android apps!

But you also cant just say “I don’t like it personally”, make it better for me, but for free and open source…that is not the propose of Open source. Lemmur is already really good in my opinion, stable and does the job. And it will only get better over time.

Oh no! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Trust me you do not want to do that! This is a terrible idea man, don’t you do it!

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