Save Encryption to Keep Us Safe
The Online Safety Bill requires ALL online speech to be monitored for “harmful content”, including your private conversations with friends and family.

(note: I linked to the Open Rights Group page on this, who are a great organisation)

Britons should watch out for the “Online Safety Bill”, which threatens their (and potentially everyone else’s) privacy, security/safety and free speech with backdoors, surveillance and censorship.

See the anti-E2EE campaign here:

RED Vulpix
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And of course they went with the protect children route. Like they think sex offenders obey the law and won’t use E2EE just because the government tells them not to.

It’s also a guilt trip/thought stopping strategy. It’s designed to make anyone who supports E2EE look like they’re pedophiles or pedophile sympathesizers and effectively kills any discourse on the matter.
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It worked in the US, so it makes sense that it will pass also in UK.
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Earn it act hasn’t yet passed the Senate, or I don’t know how to ddg

Vegafjord eo
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Lets go to the streets!
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UK also launched an anti Tor campaign few years ago, for parents to teach their children it was a big bad network.

-17 hilabete

I feel like this will be rather effective

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