Using autocorrect makes typing much easier on phones. Not only you can write words you don’t know the spellings of correctly, but it also compensates for mis-hits on the tiny keyboard.

But one day I had to write something using a pen and paper and I realised that I had forgotten how to spell common words. For example I had no idea if it was “absense” or “absence”.

Then I turned off autocorrect on my phone so that I can relearn how to spell words. I have gotten a lot better since then.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

2urte bat

I hate autocorrect with a passion and never use it, reason being that it tries to correct variant spellings, names, and other unique words I use. I know adding mine own words to the keyboard’s dictionary would alleviate that issue, but I find that / predictive text eerie. I’m not so busy that I cannot proofread what I type, and I use any words I mis-spell as a learning opportunity, because it helps me remember it for future use.
1urte bat

My keyboard app has allows you to undo autocorrect with a swipe, so I generally leave it on. Allows me to type probably ~2.5x as fast.
1urte bat

I use florisboard so there is no dictionary suggestion whjch is, as you said, hard to tyoe correctly. I find it frustrsting and sometimes too tired to correct them unless it’s absolitely unreadsble
1urte bat

I use OpenBoard. FlorisBoard is actually great, but as is still at beta stage… But same here, I turned off autocorrect, just left it as “recommended words”.
urte bat

I’ve always turned autocorrect off before I could even get used to it.

It sure is tempting to type quicker on a virtual keyboard, but I still prefer typing out words letter by letter, mainly bc I find typing suggestions distracting.

A physical keyboard might be a better way to save time while not losing your spelling skills.

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