They are not only shitposting but also mass brigading, running down discussions to the ground.

Q. What do you call someone who doesn’t agree with your stupid opinion?

A. Pseudo intellectual, xenophobe and racist troll

Are you targeting and trolling me across sublemmys? I will bring in admins if you want it.

I have subscribed to !asklemmy and it showed up on my feed as I sort by ‘new’. No need to cry.


“typical pseudo intellectuals” in a gerneral sense of the word would be seen as “normies” obv excluding “racist sexist homophobes ect” which isnt allowed by Lemmys code of conduct anyway… so great filler and making up a non-issue. (for someone as active as you, you dont really need to make filler and non-issues, becuase you keep Lemmy active anyway.)

“Normies” happen to be pseudo intellectuals, however not all “normies” are trolls and not all trolls are “normies”. I am just trying to scream and tell about the red flags, and want Lemmy to not become another reddit or raddle.

The reason why I have been so supportive of Lemmy, among all the reddit alternatives, is the open federated non-corporation nature and simplistic policies and because there exist educated admins/mods to help avoid this forum hive from being hijacked by toxic people.

I try and help mods and admins all the time (also being a mod myself), and I think we all have a sense of common direction we want to see Lemmy go to. I introduced my amateur hacker friend and he calls this place a Tor darknet version of reddit.



(does lemmy have a .onion?)


considering that racism, homophobia ect are aginst the code of conduct of lemmy, can you provide evidance of the red flags? (which i interperate as racism, homophobia ect) (or are the redflags not in the posted content/comments, but are the attitudes of these people?)

This whole thread about HK rioters and CIA puppets gets raided by brainwashed Western neo liberal pseudo intellectual bots, manipulating likes and dislikes, trying to convert Lemmy into the same Western hegemonic shilling echo chamber that reddit r/worldnews is, for example.

One person today came, spammed comments and harassed me with anti Indian slurs, acted like a true homophobe and did this using two accounts. I pinged the admins to get this racist banned.

Pseudo intellectualism comes from exactly what the word means - people who act like they know everything when they do not, and dunk down on it hard. These are the same people you find on Twitter or reddit flaming comment sections. These are sometimes the r/conspiracy and the MAGA people.

How do I know this? I am an internet dinosaur from India, who has used the internet and participated in forums, Western diaspora, Asian communities and so on for a couple decades, not including the personal one-to-one interactions I have with people daily from Middle East, SE Asia, West, EU and so on.

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