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nobody knows about the mystical technology that is RSS. Actually, nobody except… podcasters, who haven’t gave up on it yet!

This isn’t compeletely accurate. rss is no longer mainstream but plenty of people still use it, many websites kept them for a reason.

Podcast is a decentralized medium, and one of which has survived the tsunami of centralized solutions that popped out altogether.

This also isn’t compeletely true, plenty of podcasts are hosted on platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, all though you can still get rss feeds for them using rss bridge and
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This looks seriously awesome! Great visual design.
2urte bat

Hurray 🎉 Cool project! Castopod has been added to ActivityPub Application Watchlist

(This is the staging area for Fediverse Party, but a great list to see all that is under development, together with the AP Dev Watchlist. Note: I co-maintain both, gimme a head-up with a new project and you’re on the list :)

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Fediverse is a portmanteau of “federation” and “universe”. It is a common, informal name for a federation of social network servers whose main purpose is microblogging, the sharing of short, public messages.

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