Someone did it on r/privatelife, I removed it after notifying users for few hours, showing its annual $300K NED grants on NED website.

Socialists will understand this problem more deeply.

Dr. Daniel Jackson

If you explain why the source isn’t trustable, that’ll work for some people. But the people who wanna shout “but china bad” at the mear mention of it will just ignore that. So, ultimately - and unfortunate as it may be - this is one of the things that a hard stance must be taken on, and will likely be disrupting to your community. I.E. you’re gonna have to remove any and all posts with these sources, and possibly ban users who repeatedly try to use these sources.

I am considering taking that stance, as I know my world history and facts pretty well. It is simply wrong to not stand for the right thing because brainwashed mob wants you to stand for the wrong thing. Ideals are essential.

if you decide to take that stance make sure to provide an explaination/proof to those who “stand for the wrong thing”. otherwise you’ll look like the one trying to brainwash people and manipulate public discourse.

Look at the reddit thread Tell me if I did wrong. Ask people around here about my evidence based commentary.

Censorship is not an answer, education is.

Even if you might not change their mind instantaneously, you will plant a seed of doubt (given your counterarguments are easy to digest and civil). Even if they don’t want to listen, others who read your counterarguments will likely consider them. That’s how I changed a lot of my stupid views by just reading other people arguing, but almost none by being directly in the debate (not immediately, at least).

Silencing them will only reinforce such views for them and for those who saw said silencing, that’s how humans work (and for a good reason). It will look like you silenced them because you can’t come up with convincing argument against their views and therefore they are right and you are wrong. Just imagine yourself at such position - they would think that you are brainwashed, not them.

There is also a downvote button exactly for that - spam, trolls and bad-faith arguments. If your vote is not enough, then point to others why you consider this to be deserving a downvote.

I know that it’s easier to just get rid of these people, but that’s exactly how we ended up with Gab and Voat. Correct solution is not always the easiest one.

Education can only be given to one that does not act like they are asleep. I can take many horses to water, and they refuse to drink water. What do I do in such an environment and with such people? This person crossposted from r/china, an alt propaganda sub for r/sino, the actual Chinese diaspora.

My community is resource first with guides and tools, then a news source and then a discussion forum. Public forums can become cesspools quickly if not overwatched.

I was downvoted for presenting evidence of NED funding from NED website, whereas the anti China trolls upvoted the post. In this kind of cases a hard stance might be needed. Here is the thread


Just so you know, I (not one of your harassers) am downvoting this because I think the topic is too narrow for this community.

I never claimed every downvoter is a harasser. I always point out evidence for harassment.

Also, I think it is a relevant topic because many people are brainwashed by the Western neoliberal mainstream media, and without research go ahead and post such kind of articles. This applies to almost any community where any news source is posted.

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