I tried to find about this Foundation for Defense of Democracies NGO that the authors of this article work for.

The Central Intelligence Agency appears to have collaborated with the neoconservative think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies to try to link Iran to the Salafi-jihadist group al-Qaeda. Ned Price, a former CIA analyst and spokesman, has suggested that the move may be part of a wider campaign by the Trump administration’s new CIA director to establish “a rationale for regime change” in Tehran.


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yeah that’s pretty shite. this was originally posted on slashdot, but I’m going to take it down in light of this. thanks.

Always be skeptical of these weird clean looking blogs, they often turn out to be wonky and awkward. Look into the authors and organisations, often they try to hide tendencies and even someone like you can get fooled. They put millions annually into these CIA and USAGM funded outlets.

This “New IP” proposal is genuinely terrifying, but frankly, at least from my perspective (as an American), it seems the EU has been leading the way in ethical internet governance.

While the US is certainly less restrictive about information than China (at the moment), in many ways the US is just less honest about the surveillance state it enacts, and I’m not sure it has been leading anywhere the world wants to go.

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Without guessing who is most responsible, it seems like a logical conclusion of internet tracking capabilities is for it to be taken to the extreme before realising something profound like total surveillance is no surveillance or whatever the enlightenment is.

I will keep my fingers crossed, but ‘enlightened’ has not been my experience of the US.

It seems to me that the US will continue to prioritize protecting the profit streams stemming from internet tracking over personal privacy until the profits diminish, or the laws (and the system of government providing them) change substantially.

In any event, I was really more speaking to the widespread police surveillance in the US, alongside the national and individual consequences of ubiquitous corporate surveillance.
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oh god, i’m just so tired of all the negative dystopian shit, can we get some good news at last pls 🙏

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Washington state governor expected to sign new bill ending prohibition on municipal broadband

I hear you, it’s really been a discouraging few years. Unfortunately, I think we have to keep on top of the dystopian stuff, or we’ll end up with even less good news.

That said, here is an adorable interlude from the doomscrolling.

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