MASSIVE dataset and Massively Multilingual NLU (MMNLU-22) competition and workshop will help researchers scale natural-language-understanding technology to every language on Earth.

Maybe I’m being too cynical but there’s no way in hell I want to have anything to do with Amazon and I despise them so much that I can’t say I would want to take advantage of this.

Science shouldn’t get in bed with corporations like this.
25 hilabete

Most science is paid for by corps like Amazon. If the dataset is good use it for something good.
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Most academic research is funded by federal grants, not corporations. Where did you read that most science is paid for by corps like Amazon? I’m shocked that your comment was initially upvoted 5 times with zero downvotes (excluding my own).

If the dataset is good but it comes with having to rely on Amazon even more than we already do, is it really worth it? I’ve heard the same logic used to defend oil companies’ datasets and as we know, their datasets are often rife with all kinds of flaws.

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