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Note that this is specifically the UK. I would expect different results in, say, the US or when breaking it down among different demographic lines.

Proves the need for more socialist leaning economic professors.

It never sat well with me in university listening to economics professors droning on about an economy reliant on the absurd concept of endless growth and endless resources to supply that growth. It makes zero sense and all the explanations they’d offer to students simply asking how such a system is even remotely sustainable were always nonsense answers.

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That’s contradictory finding given that right-wing economics are inherently authoritarian. A capitalist business is run as a dictatorship where the owner acts the supreme leader.

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aaand THIS is why they want to cut funding to universities and research institutions1

be wary of propaganda you may encounter which tries to veil this intent behind another ‘plausible’ complaint

1 and they tend to find global warming results which authoritarians don’t like

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