Sign of the Times: The New HP Dev One Laptop Comes With Pop!_OS - Boiling Steam
Just we were pointing out a few weeks back that Ubuntu is clearly losing ground as a gaming distro, we can now see it’s not just the gaming world that is affected: laptops made for developers may now be switching… Continue Reading
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They’ve copied the TrackPoint from Lenovo. I don’t know if that’s new. I really like the keyboard of my thinkpad. Wouldn’t change it for anything. Well maybe for an open source alternative that’s very close to it in specs and design. But we are far from being there.
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I have an older HP laptop with a similar trackpoint style pointer. They are not as good as the real TrackPoints, because they lack the middle button in the buttons at the top of the track pad, so there’s no way to scroll while using that pointer. It doesn’t bother me because I am much more used to using a track pad anyway, but it’s definitely not interchangeable.

I still wouldn’t purchase an HP laptop, but this is a positive development. Though you are better checking out System76 laptops.

Helix 🧬
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I still wouldn’t purchase an HP laptop

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They’re honestly just quite shit. They’re notoriously unreliable, use cheap parts, break often, and are very prone to overheating.
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Didn’t Lenovo have this for years?

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