I think people use Tails or Qubes OS but restarting my pc just to use tor a moment seems like a bother. Is there a simpler way? I want to contribute code to a repository from an account I’ll use only through tor.

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Tor itself isn’t Tor Browser/TBB. You can use the Tor service to proxy applications through.

For example, I can simply run a program on terminal through torsocks, like torsocks git clone https://github.com/grassmunk/Chicago95 , or torsocks wget http://vww6ybal4bd7szmgncyruucpgfkqahzddi37ktceo3ah7ngmcopnpyyd.onion/favicon.ico

I haven’t checked how but you can probably configure a program or network that allows you to pick a proxy to go through the Tor network too.

Edit: If a virtual machine is appropriate (if you want a whole leak-proof Tor-only environment for browsing, email, software, etc. without rebooting), consider running https://www.whonix.org/ . You do need to launch the Workspace and Gateway OSs which will take a few seconds (a shortcut to a shell script can launch both at once) but if you are using Tor for security purposes then it might be more useful in your threat model.

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If you’re using you can use a sock5 proxy using the http.proxy configuration parameter

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Boot up tails or qubes in a virtual machine (LXC or VirtualBox, for example).

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If they just want to launch a secure virtual machine (which may or may not be appropriate security-wise), I would use something like Whonix. It’s basically designed for that purpose.

Tails is made as an amnesic Live USB. It technically can be run in a virtual machine but it’s probably not what they need and will just be wasteful and inconvenient, unless they specifically don’t want persistence.

I would definitely not suggest running QubesOS inside a virtual machine, if that’s even possible (it’s an OS built on virtualization software, not some Linux OS).

  • it’s overkill for no benefit in this situation
  • it has a significant learning curve last time I checked
  • the performance would be horrible, virtual machines inside a virtual machine
  • the only reason there is a Tor-only mode is because it runs Whonix virtual machines! Just use Whonix
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if that’s even possible

Nested virtualization is possible with supported software AND hardware, a lot of consumer products lack the hardware to make it happen though and even then still inefficient. I’ve tried in the past and I get an error plainly stating I can’t run hypervisors within a hypervisor. The concept has been around for a while especially with large corporations like VMware and IBM.

it has a significant learning curve last time I checked

It’s a learning curve but if you can manage virtualbox it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out Qube manager. The latest 4.1 release is definitely the best one thus far for stability and ease of use since the automatically updater actually works!

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That’s great to hear that 4.1 improved the stability and ease of use, I tested it earlier and the updates were a bit scary. Qubes is a great security project and admittedly just fun in its own way for me, so I’m glad it’s getting even better.

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