GitHub - paulpierre/informer: A Telegram Mass Surveillance Bot in Python
A Telegram Mass Surveillance Bot in Python. Contribute to paulpierre/informer development by creating an account on GitHub.

Informer (TGInformer) is a bot library that allows you to masquerade as multiple REAL users on telegram and spy on 500+ Telegram channels per account. Details are logged to a MySQL database, a private Google Sheet, and your own private channel for analysis.

Cold Hotman
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Everything openly accessible on the internet is subject to scraping. Open groups on Telegram isn’t any different. That’s not spying, IMO…

If someone were to present i.e. chatbots (auto moderators) and promising that it wouldn’t store anything it came across, that’s more like spying. If somebody was able to gleem into closed groups without permission or password, that’s spying.

Reading up on the github, I see nothing shady going on. “Masquerading” as real users, by making real accounts with real phone numbers? That’s real user accounts with fake names. Am I masquerading as a real user on lemmy since I don’t present my account with my real name? No.

I think the programmer is somewhat overselling what this is, it’s a logger and scraper of public information using legit methods. I’d be surprised if what I write now isn’t stored by serveral system, both benign and hostile/exploitative.

Also, don’t use Telegram for real stuff folks, but for other reasons than TGInformer.
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And yet aren’t able to shut down all the CP on this fucking platform, just yesterday an idiot came into a group I manage openly asking for CP. If telegram is gonna use mass surveillance, at least make it useful god damn.

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