Japan prepares to join UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in Five Eyes intelligence-sharing network
Japan is preparing to join the Anglophone world’s Five Eyes intelligence-sharing network, its ambassador to Australia has revealed.Shingo Yamagami, formerly the head of the intelligence branch of Japan’s foreign ministry, said: “We would like to see this idea become reality in the near future.” He t

Japan is very much under the thumb of the US, I’d be very surprised if they weren’t already “unofficially” in Five Eyes.

3urte bat

They were, but official revelation will have larger consequences, most specifically for mainland China.

1urte bat

Is there any concrete evidence of that? IIRC they were involved, but not comprehensively involved in data sharing.

2urte bat

Probably the same deal as Germany… the US gets all the data and the BND gets some if the US finds it convenient.

Probably a case of the Japanese finding that unsatisfactory and demanding a less one-sided deal.

0urte bat

Hooray! Just the alliance we need to effectively counter-balance China, ourselves and our allies.

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