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If you have an idea and will respectfully present it rather than yelling “racist”, “sexist”, “bigot”, some sort of phobe etc. then I respect your right to having an opinion and your right to voice it. I want people to have good, honest debates on politics or simply not bother and try getting along on things they do like.I am not a Nazi or racist you are delusional!

Thank you for your advice I never knew there is something like that.I will try to build a lemmy instance on my server.

Thanks for the advice I would definatly move on to 8kun.

in what degree different ideas are accepted in lemmy ?
Greetings, I always had a problem with a site called reddit,yes lemmy is not reddit,and yesterday I have been permanently banned from it.Mostly there are two reasons: anti-migrant statements, and speaking against LGBTQ .I don’t want to do self-censorship.So is this site for me or should I find another one ? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have used this theme for couple days;however, it does not looks good on 4k display and icons are barely recognazable.

eh, it is not my taste, but they are not that bad.

it has no meaning it is just a random text also is catchy

As you know reddit will be public imminent and the other sjw organizations are getting strong /