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I wasn’t aware there already was a report button, guess I should have checked before posting :/ Hopefully reporting it for admins to handle should be enough to counter the problem for now. For that solution to scale well as Lemmy grows, I’d imagine Lemmy would have to expand by adding new instances that each stay relatively small rather than consolidating users on a handful of instances, otherwise large instances would be overrun by spam without more drastic measures in place.

I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that Lemmy doesn’t keep track of user karma. Perhaps it does internally but doesn’t display it in the ui? Otherwise, this sounds like a good suggestion.

Is it just me, or is Lemmy starting to have a spam problem?
Perhaps this isn't new, as I've only been on Lemmy for around 3 months, but up until this point I hadn't noticed spam, advertising, scams, etc at all on Lemmy. However, within the last 2 days I've seen at least 3 examples of obvious spam posts, made by accounts clearly dedicated to that purpose. Has anyone else noticed this? And are there steps we could take to counter it (perhaps a report button)?

Mine’s a dorky parody of Abigail Shapiro (Ben Shapiro’s sister)'s youtube channel Classically Abby

yup, geometric weather is working great for me

after seeing this post i tried it out. it had me generate an openweathermap api key and then never recognized my key as functional. weird

This was incredibly well put. Whole-heartedly agree