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I used it in personal spaces several years ago.

It is very nice.

They even mention yr.no to be some derivative in that page:

In collaboration with NRK, ready-to-use solutions have been developed in order to retrieve data and products: Yr (solution created in collaboration with NRK. This data must be credited in accordance with the instructions on yr.no)

Additionally, in their blog they mention that they provide(d) their own service different from met.no at https://hjelp.yr.no/hc/en-us/articles/360001940793-Free-weather-data-service-from-Yr

Maybe you saw something I didn’t but the few mentions I saw for yr.no were about using met.no data.

The API in question would be available in https://api.met.no/ got from https://www.met.no/en/free-meteorological-data/Download-services section.

Ah, self-reply: still dependent on the propietary "Open"WeatherMap service.

Do you use https://www.met.no/en as source which is Libre at all or you use some propietary source?

You can test WebKitGTK with GNOME Web and get a similar experience to Safari for other OSes since WebKitGTK is official GTK implementation of WebKit.

I just use MetaGer and rely on keywords search…

And I told you that there was not later and acted as a first suggestion telling you to use that.

why are you here in this thread?

Because you are asking about the existence of something and I am telling you about current situation and how I am not going to support such option.

( Should I remind you that you are in a public thread in a community called AskLemmy which is broader about all Lemmy users? )


tiny amount of people

small platforms

I think this is out of discussion already. No Lemmy Discord and I don’t want nor expect it in any form.

If people care about their rights, would not be using Discord with existing functional replacements.

Reminder that you speak about community and not your job or classroom.

LibreWolf is a light Firefox fork which is dependent of upstream and hard code changes.

Tweaking configuration, applying little patches, re-building in custom setup and re-branding won’t be enough.

The best would be promoting or helping Pale Moon development to not doing the same in addition to arising that an HyperbolaBSD main developer and author is working with them to develop their browser based on UXP.

Just use Matrix.

I can invite you to the rooms if you have Matrix user.

My view in the current state of the world is that you should get your salary from your maximum performance (healthy one).

Imagine that it takes 4 hours to you to draw an illustration in each journey, in the sense you can draw 2 each day as maximum.

Other person, meanwhile, can only make 1 in the whole journey as maximum because they are slower.

In conclusion, both you and them would get the same salary as you are both working at your maximum performance.

People who are not able to work, should be maintained directly by the state as result of contributions from people working.

Locking thread first given the ongoing situation.


I have archived the thread for future reference and checking in https://archive.ph/acy2h.

(We really need some free ArchiveBox instance or other with similar software)

The admin team, including myself, is working towards the issue.

I also edited that. I wrote CLI by error in the beginning.

Edited post to show interface.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/288807 > Cursed Delta, a TUI-based DeltaChat client, released its version 0.6.0 several minutes ago. > ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/9201c6c3-315d-4987-bd0a-b2c28c80470b.png) > PD: an important change seems that this version allows to encrypt the DB.


Someone made reference and just saw that comment and couldnt prevent myself of commenting on it.

I’m sorry.

it’s just markdown

Echedenyan looks at the full HTML code without even a Markdown reference (even if are the Markdown engines the ones which provide support for it).

Gemini community looking for a new mod
I realized that there was no current mod for the [Gemini community](https://lemmy.ml/c/gemini) yesterday. If I remember correctly, the old mod left this instance time ago. Since the community is still active, I am looking for a person or people who are interested in taking moderation there. The focus is based towards people who are already set in the community or in this instance itself.

What should I know about North Macedonia?
I have been studying Web Development since 2019 and, if everything goes as expected, I would be doing my practical part in North Macedonia through Erasmus+ program. Given that, what should I take into account? PD: I never travelled before.

More information at https://teddit.net/r/rust/comments/qzme1z/moderation_team_resignation/

TDE R14.0.11 released
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/87333 > - [TGW issue list](https://mirror.git.trinitydesktop.org/gitea/TDE/tde/issues/50) > - [Bugzilla bug list](http://bugs.trinitydesktop.org/showdependencytree.cgi?id=3180&hide_resolved=0) > - [Detailed changelog](https://wiki.trinitydesktop.org/Changelog_For_R14.0.11)

Lemmy Matrix room in Spanish
I recently created a Lemmy room in Spanish for the people who use Lemmy and speaks Spanish as main language.

How many people here has Spanish as main language?
I was interested in creating a Matrix room for Lemmy in Spanish if doesn't exist already. Edited: https://matrix.to/#/#lemmy-es:mozilla.org

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/73457 > I would like to ask your help to move Tenacity project to SourceHut, being the primary option preferable (has more votes) and then option 2.

Any FLOSS ICS (Internet Chess Server) ?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/72428 > From time I have been wondering if there is even such thing. > > The only one to not being even commercial is FICS which is only free of charge, not as in freedom. > > To be exact, I know that ICS protocol is not standard but just wanted to use XBoard and similar clients in places and platforms where Lichess cannot be used.

Projects promoted as FLOSS but which are neither Free Software nor Open Source
In the last years I have seen plenty of users telling or promoting certain ultra-permissive rules as part of Open Source but which are not even in the [definition](https://opensource.org/osd) like the use of read-only licenses, being a good example MEGA software. However, I didn't find exact source of these ideas and only believed in the misinformation of certain videos in *tube or similar. I had looking for a FLOSS VPN client to use at home as I use MATE DE and found [Printunl Client](https://client.pritunl.com/) promoted as Open Source. Or that was everything until I read the [license](https://github.com/pritunl/pritunl-client-electron/blob/master/LICENSE).

toki pona in comparison with Blissymbols - special needs in education
It is not the first time I see toki pona language and some variants of its writting system. I was wondering how this could be in comparison with Blissymbols for people with special needs in education in cases such as intelectual disability or similar. Blissymbols is already suggested, implemented and used in this environment to help these kind of students to advance in the subjects as well as expected in other students at a certain minimum or normally at all.

As suggested by the name and explained a bit by the issue, some Delta Chat devs want to add .tgs format, based on Lottie, as option (and could be main format by now) for stickers pack and this is where they are starting. The format was added recently in a Delta Chat fork called DeltaLab (https://github.com/adbenitez/deltachat-android). I had a little private discussion with the author about his proposition to influence Delta Chat devs for using it. Lottie has a closed specification as far I saw but some libre tools are provided by default to support it. The format is also not-standard and not implemented over everything. I proposed SVG/SVGz as an alternative, given some work made in https://gitlab.com/mattia.basaglia/python-lottie/ but animations on SVG/SVGz as output are not finished, in private discussion with the DeltaLab's author but after denying SVG without checking possibility of what he wanted for cubans, small size stickers comparable to Lottie, he didn't reply to that proposition. I write this post because I am worried about the situation on Delta Chat. It is not that I want .tgs and Lottie compatibility to be denied, is that I want to ensure that this will be in order to add other capability over a fully standard compliance sticker implementation, with low size given what SVG is and SVGz, that could finish in a conversion from .tgs.