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I came here because reddit community is really bad (upvoting bad stuff) and mods aren’t helping. Still reading posts there. Here I feel comfortable voicing my opinion and I love the FOSS part of it (and I love infernoJS too).

I can see some uses for reddit for professional related topic, I once publish a blog post that got me traction and clients. I never used reddit for small/personnal/political talks because of this too.

I have never been in social networks (no twitter/facebook/mastodon/etc), I don’t see yet the pros of the fediverse.

The question is already biased here : you could have ask if we think everyone SHOULD be vegan.

If you say ‘needs’ it is hard to understand what do you mean and it pushes the idea of forcing people which puts a negative light on the end goal.

'Need` for what? The environment crisis? Sustaining a certain amount of people/growth? Ethical concern?

Obviously any vegan will want others to be vegan, the same way any capitalist wants everyone to be capitalist, communist the same, etc. The opposite works too, non-vegan won’t be happy to be forced into veganism.

In my opinion the better question is asking if we should be vegan. Now everyone can participate to the debate without feeling forced. Also trying to push rules on people who disagrees is not the best way usually, it is tolerable when they are in extreme minority.

The vegan question has been talked for many years now and beside conservatism there are not a lot of arguments against veganism in theory. The practice is way more difficult, especially with current communication being held by weird billionaires and democratic processes being crushed all over the world.

I am sorry I don’t see any debate here, I hope I made my point clear.

Making your own email box is such a pain -> reverse DNS needs to be set up, your are very lucky if your ISP offers you such a service.

email is one of the worst protocol I ever touch no wonder there are nearly no email client out there.

I can only hope for a brighter future with any other protocol.

The real news to me is that more than 3M people are naive/desperate enough to use such a product (and omg 99$ a month).

Just ‘startup’ is a red flag to me, if it is related to health or anything that should definitely be public services it is already scam. So no surprise it is super shady.

I don’t really care about mediocre developers infightings. Bad dev chose to depend on 3rd party code because they are not good enough to code a left pad function. Bad ecosystem is being used by said mediocre devs…

I don’t need all of this to make my web application. If tomorrow npm is dead I can switch or even code an equivalent myself. I keep my dependencies at minimum and use tools and library such as npm as ways of doing things faster. Not doing things I don’t understand/can’t do myself.

If people dislike npm ways of doing they can easily code a better one. Actually several alternatives exist.

If you have security concerns you can had additional check such as inhouse code review of packages and save hash of said version. You could even share this knowledge with trusted partners in a common database.

We have other issues were laws (patent) or economic system (entrepreneurship) is a real barrier to better solutions. My point of view of this matter is that it is mainly a lack of skills and bad culture.

This seems to be clickbait as no distribution would properly work: https://social.treehouse.systems/@AsahiLinux/109931764533424795 .

I didn’t know this omglinux but the lack of source/explanation is worrying.

I don’t even know what SocialHub is.

So far I have talked about Lemmy around me as a possible alternative to Reddit but the community/content isn’t even close to be enough yet. I don’t use any other federated tool/network so far.

I tried and liked it a lot years ago. But the piping wasn’t asynchronous so you have to wait the full completion of the first command for the next.

I’m not sure about the current state but if that is fixed I would happily fully switch.

Wow, I genuinely hate every single choice this distribution makes. I’m not sure there is an audience for this distribution but I don’t mind having more choices.

It’s always refreshing to see new point of views. I would have love to hear the reasons behind this distribution.

No one is going to spend the resources to DDOS you. Also those attacks are temporary, they are a plague when having a website unreachable means money loss. For instance anyone can DDOS my blog I wouldn’t care, even for a whole week (I have IP bans mechanism btw).

Also do you think your IP is secret right now? Do you run JavaScript? Does any device in your home run any JavaScript? Does anyone uses anything like discord, zoom, Skype, google hangout, jitsi?

I don’t mean the main concern of privacy is not relevant, just the DDOS specifically shouldn’t concern hosts unless they are making daily profit from their website traffic.

Yeah I tried that too, also “arch wiki” will not found anything. Unacceptable! It’s still young and the UX/UI is pretty cool. Maybe in a year or more.

There are many layers we could talk about when we say “privacy”.

First about IP:

  • publicly broadcast your IP: this is done if you announce yourself to one or multiple trackers. Their jobs is to list the clients sharing specific torrents. They maintain a list of IPs and respective progress on the torrents so all clients can connect with each other depending or their needs. You can use this to bootstrap your client need and leave instantly if you don’t want to be found (defeat the purpose of torrent…).
  • there is also the DHT protocol that will distribute the list of IPs amoungs clients so no one has the full list. I am not well versed into it yet. You can search for more info.
  • finally PEX is a peer exchange protocol to get new clients from the one you already have.

There’s also traffic monitoring:

  • like https you probably want to encrypt your traffic if you don’t want people to catch it. Most decent clients have the option but it’s never set strictly so the choice of encryption is optional on default. ISP love to sniff your traffic, I usually don’t care but whenever I need to download an other Linux distro image I need to use a VPN or be throttled. I’m not even doing it to hide anything, just to use my internet connection…

The op question makes no sense to me though. Torrents are just file you want to get/share, there’s no privacy involved in that. Maybe they meant torrent clients.

What is the point of this? I only see a crypto project there. If you want to share file smb or equivalent will do the job.