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I’m just used to quickly left click then new tab, it’s the first option, there’s no miss and it’s hella cool

Not even close or good alternative.

I would prefer a federated Discord alternative.

Also, verbs follow in the predicate as modifiera too, so

mi lukin sona toki lon ni ike nasa toki taso ni li ala sama soweli toki

Can mean “I look for (seek) to know talk about this linguistic strange bad but this is zero equal talking mammal”

There is no letter “g” in toki pona and “pig” does not follow the toki pona syllabary. Also, never put “ala” in the beginning of a predicate if you don’t want to mean “zero”, “ala” is usually a modifier that shows negative or opposite, so it must go after what it modifies. Separators never are modified, they just show a sentence’s part of speech.

I can’t do that on everythinf x)

Don’t you see it in the screenshot?

There are only 78 compatible devices, to install on others, you must do as the other replier said. You also need to unlock bootloader and use TWRY to install a specific ROM image on your phone (they give the ROM to you)

What if we use Webber? 🤔

If GTK wasn’t released in 1998, perhaps Qt would still be proprietary software. If corporates and people abandon GTK, perhaps Qt will become fully proprietary software again.

It’s what we call fork time.

Xiaomi Mi A2… I really hate this hardware, but…

It’s almost if to choose what you want in your computer (server) is some kind of liberty…