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I’ve already tried Video DownloadHelper but it doesn’t recognize any video in the page. I’m not able to use Yt-dlp :/

How to download video from this URL
Good evening, I don't know if this is the correct place. I would download this video from the URL using Firefox but I can't. URL: https://streamingcommunity.agency/watch/4932?e=34431 Do you know how to do it? Thanks in advance

Learn Email Marketing
Good evening everybody, I would learn something about email marketing and I'm looking for resources, courses, etc. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

Tracking position bike
Hello everybody, I go in bike alone and I would know if there is any app - possibly open source - that allows to my wife to track my position wherever I am when I'm riding. Thanks in advance

I’m looking to change distro because Lubuntu 18.04 is pretty old and soon it will no have support. It’s pretty good anyway and I’m curious if there is something more fast to work on web.

Suggestion for a new Linux distro
Good morning everyone, On my old laptop I'm using Lubuntu 18.04.5 because thanks to LXDE it's pretty fast (I'm using it only to work on Firefox for Wordpress) but I want to change distro with something new with the same speed. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

I understand, so there are a lot of possible problems. Thanks for the examples!

Thanks for your suggestions! I will try these tools.

Lenovo B50-70 shuts down suddenly and continually
Good morning everyone, I need help please. I have a Lenovo laptop B50-70 and while I'm using it (browsing on Internet, watching video, writing, ecc.), it shuts down randomly without any notice. I've tried it with Windows and Lubuntu but the problem is the same. What can I do? Thanks

Lubuntu 18.04 on my old laptop. Fast and simple to use, but there aren’t many customizations.

Thank you for the suggestion! I’ve saved the book in my list and I will start to read it.

Create and start a static site
Hello everyone, I would like to learn how to create and manage a static site (with Hugo o similiar) but I'm totally noob and I don't know where to start. There is any book, tutorial or website where I can learn something? Thanks

How to contribute with translation on open source
Good morning, there is any directory or site where I can see which open source projects needs help with translation? I'm able to translate from English to Italian and I want to help. Thanks

Open Source App Or Site To Compare Gasoline Car Price
Good evening, do you know of any open source apps or sites to compare petrol prices for the car nearby? Thanks

Alternative To SewArt
Hello Everybody, Do you know if there is any alternative for the embroidery software [SewArt](https://www.sandscomputing.com/products-shop/sewart-embroidery-digitizer/)? Thank you

Check ink levels on Epson XP-245 on linux
Hello everybody, I want to know how much color ink (toner) is remaning on my printer Epson XP-245 but from the system tool "Printer" in the tab "Ink level" it says that's it cannot detect it. I'm on Lubuntu. Do you know any way to know how much color ink is left? I've already tried Mtink but it doesn't work. Thanks

Thanks, I will try with Lubuntu 20.04 and then MX Linux. Thank you!

Thanks. Lubuntu doesn’t come with snapd daemon. Do you think that MX Linux could be faster than Lubuntu?

Speed Up Boot Old Laptop With Lubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
Hello Everyone, I have an old laptop with these specs: - CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo T5670 @1.80GHz - RAM: 2 GB - Motherboard: HP F.0A/30D8 - HDD: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T20L I've installed Lubuntu 18.04.5 and it works well. The only problem is the boot that takes more than 40 second when I turn ON the PC. Do you have any suggestion to speed up the boot? Thanks