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I use this for hiking. It’s a great app.

I add points of interest and markers when I’m out in the middle of nowhere for others who have openstreetmap and I’m a massive nerd.

I had the same trouble.

I changed my password and then was able to log in again. Except on Remmel. I still can’t log onto that.

I think that will be there next upgrade. In ear headphones/hoovers with built in jet packs.

fast forward 10 year and we are all wearing one while we hover down the street on Back to the future style hover boards, not those shitty ones with wheels.

And it would be pointless for anyone with a beard.

I live in the London area. Driving out to the mountains and just breathing fresh air is one of my favourite things.

Can’t wait to see someone wearing them in the wild.

Great tech developed for advanced selfies.

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Debian all the things.