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Lemmy instances near france similar to lemmy.ml?
I can't connect to lemmy.ml any longer unless I'm using tor. So I want to find another instance that federates with as many other instances as possible and that is near france. Which one would you recommend?

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The results are here. But the file is too big and will make your browser slow. I don’t recommend opening it. Also it shows all packages, and without a way to filter actual software from all the packages is difficult to find anything useful in there.

This doesn’t take into account the carbon emissions of producing cars. It’s just putting into perspective the costs of making a battery.

One is simulating reality, which will be possible in the future. Running many simulations of reality in parallel until AGI is made on one of this simulations. But it would be too easy for an AGI to find a bug and break free of the simulation.

I’m really tired of hearing about this. When AI becomes sentient I probably won’t believe it because of the fuss they’ve made about this.

It’s a firefox extension with 1.7k users, I don’t think there is going to be an independent study just to make sure it’s safe. That said the project is open source so you can always read the code. The project has many contributors so for me it’s safe enough that I wouldn’t bother looking at the code.

Has anyone here vetted LibRedirect?

I don’t know what you mean.

I’ve found very useful the unify option to copy the settings for all instances.

It would need to be run before federating the instance then.

Wow that is so cool!

Not really a feature for the ui, more like a separate script. A migration script so that forum maintainers can migrate all posts to lemmy from phpBB.

A file named a.txt would go in a folder named A. A file called abc.txt would go in a folder C inside B inside A, assuming the folders A and B had more than the given number of files. It would be case insensitive.

That’s true, I also follow a couple niche subreddits that don’t even exist here yet.

?? I just read this and then saw your post: Got another RISC-V board 😎. If you want more normies to join you should be posting cat pictures.

It’s probably used only for mods so I don’t think anybody cares about the copyright. If it was used to make a game that would be another thing.

XD let me change the title then. You can see how much attention I’ve paid to Brave… But just now I’ve seen it has a tor option. And I would like to be able to have tor on some firefox tabs instead of having to use tor browser.