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I expected an aircraft carrier group

Several Chinese companies have refused to sell their products to Russia in the wake of the sanctions onslaught last year. Lenovo for example had joined on the sanctions, while others stated no reasons, but didn’t progress with negotiations - there was this HK avionics maker, whose name escapes me at the moment.

Sooo are they going to be exporting those? Specifically exporting them to places now barred by sanctions from getting western chips?

How’s the joints?

My friend works in one of Russia’s bigger telecom companies. A few years ago they’ve tested a technology that could create “heat maps” of a person’s activity based on the footage from security cameras. By heat map they meant colouring various areas of the workspace, depending on how much time a person spent there (getting “hotter” the more time spent).

Cue Reddit brigade running over one another to scream “AKSCHUALLY THE MONGOLS HAVE SUCCESSFULLY INVADED RUSSIA IN WINTER”

I don’t. I just suffer through it until either something (like work) distracts me well enough to stop paying attention, or I go to sleep and stop being conscious

Because otherwise, how in the fuck can you be this rich and this bad at judging reality

I would argue that the rich can be quite bad at judging reality because they can afford it. They can lose a normal person’s life savings worth in a single bad bid, shrug and move on.

Well I’ve never seen a gas stove that couldn’t be more or less safely lit with a match. My own technically has an electric igniter, but it’s broken, so I use a lighter

And nothing of value was lost. Maybe that’ll help some of them to get their heads clear

How small? Takes a lot of energy to keep the heating on, not to mention stuff like stoves and fridges.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but rather that it’s not that simple

Problem is, if the grid goes down - you suddenly lose everything. And the grid can occasionally go down, whether due to malfunction or malicious intent (as was the case in North Carolina recently)

And even that is likely much more benign than reality

Русскоязычных тут навалом

And here I thought it was in the Buckingham palace all this time

Ah so now they’re worried about the hateful shit twitter helps to spread. I see.

Lies! One day I willl convert it into cool terrain for my Warhammer games! One daaay!

That’s the usual way, isn’t it? Buy company, lay off a buncha people, cut spendings, claim “record profits”.

Yeah the trend seems to be the opposite direction. Instead of going out of the real world into a virtual one, virtual reality is seeping into the actual world.

And that’s technically the “good” option - compared to the (often literally) back breaking manual labor in the so-called third world

Well this headline was not how I expected to start the day. Lovely, just bloody lovely.

Good luck getting that in Russia