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I don’t think this’ll work for more active subs. Mirroring the content without the votes will flood the community with low quality content, with not enough manpower on this end to filter it by voting. It’ll also spread discussion too thin.

Mirroring it with votes, if possible, would just bring the biases of Reddit over here. Personally I’m here because I want to avoid that. I want quality content, not low-effort easily consumable content with clickbaity titles, screencaps from twitter etc., which is what usually gets upvoted on Reddit. Take /r/chomsky, for example. It’s filled to the brim with superficial crap. I’d love to have /u/vnny’s posts mirrored over here though.

If I just wanted Reddit with more privacy, I’d use an alternative front-end like teddit instead.

It might work for really small, niche subs though, where the amount of content is small enough that it could be handled here as well.

a void full of other FOSSheads

Sorry for nitpicking, but how is it a void If it’s full of something?

As for me, I use it FOR the FOSSheads! ;)

Elm is a statically typed purely functional programming language specifically designed for creating web UIs and to be easy to learn. It is very simple, has great documentation and learning resources, actually helpful error messages, and given that you already know HTML and CSS I think it’s by far the quickest and easiest way to get results and keep motivated.

For those who do not already know HTML and CSS, there’s also simple and powerful graphics libraries and other tools that have been used to teach thousands of kids to program and think algebraically, most notably at McMaster University, who’s produced several research papers on using it.

Just the community description is fine, thanks! I think it’s still a bit wordy myself, but I’m not your boss ;) At least now you’re aware of the PSA!

Thank you! And yea I could pick up mod duties for !decentralized@lemmy.ml if you’d like. I’m usually checking what’s new a few times a day.

To save you a click and some fluff, Wine 6 was recently released and includes:

The core Windows DLLs are now built in the Portable Executable (PE) format in Wine 6. Juilliard notes that this will help improve support for certain copy protection schemes, especially those that check that the DLL files on disk are identical to the in-memory contents. There’s also a new mechanism that will connect Unix libraries to PE modules for functions that cannot be handled by the Win32 APIs.

Wine 6.0 also includes experimental support for a Vulkan renderer for WineD3D, which is the translation layer that allows OpenGL to handle Direct3D and DirectDraw API calls. The new backend, which is being developed as an alternative to OpenGL, is still a work in progress and the team notes that it is currently of limited use for many Direct3D 10 and 11 applications.

That said, the release does support several new Direct 3D 11 features and can also recognize more graphics cards.

While I agree for the most part, I also think the point of federation is that connecting to other instances is voluntary. And I wouldn’t call not doing so “penalizing”. Instances will have different rules, and if one instance breaks the rules of another it will probably want to not connect to it. They’re free to manage their instance how they want, and that’s great, but so are other instances.

In this case I just think it’s too early to have bots posting lots of very niche content, and a disconnect should just have been temporary. Fortunately it was resolved by just turning off most of the bots instead, which I think is probably better for everyone.

Thank you! Hopefully this is all very temporary.

What is you point then, really? If not to shut down discussion. Is your point that no question should be raised unless one is already certain that the majority is one one’s side? Or are you just here to spread bile in general?

There are clearly people who agree, or at least invite discussion. And perhaps more who disagree. Fine. But simply counting votes fall prey to survivorship bias. Those who vote are those who “survived”. Who haven’t already left or who might have joined but didn’t. If the aim is to grow, merely going by the opinion of those already here is a dead end.

Perhaps you should take your own advice. If you don’t like this discussion, fine, move on. Goodbye.

Hey. Thanks for joining in.

I certainly don’t want to tell you how to run your own instance, but speaking for myself, if I were interested in the Glasgow area the bots would have the opposite effect on me. It’s like filling up a street with cars to create “life”. It does certainly create movement, but not what I would in any way call “street life”. I don’t want to interact with cars, or people in cars, and the noise it brings detracts from all other positive aspects of the street. In more practical terms I think it’ll also spread the discussion too thin.

But even if it was a good way to attract and engage people, I think it might still be too early to federate the instance. Once there’s better filtering tools in place it should fine, but as of now it really overwhelms all other instances. Even if I filter out other instances there’s apparently a bug where I get Glasgow posts anyway…

I think if something is excessively noisy and interests virtually no one it should be addressed, yes. Exactly how and whether it’s practically feasible is a different question of course, but so far I’ve heard few actual arguments against what I propose. Feel free to share yours if you have any, otherwise I’d appreciate if you don’t just try to shut down discussion.

What makes you believe that it’s self-promotion?

I don’t, and I didn’t specifically propose rules against self-promotion as a way to address this, but it does seem like it would fall under Reddit’s rules. And quite frankly I don’t see a problem with that.

So what if a lot gets caught up in that? If it’s low quality noise, what value does it provide? I would argue it provides negative value of course. Not just because of the annoying noise, it also increases the likelihood that lemmy.ml itself gets treated as spam because it looks like it’s part of a link farm (and voting doesn’t fix that either, since crawlers don’t understand votes).

Reddit has much stricter rules than what’s practiced here. See for example their FAQ entry on what constitutes spam and guidelines on self-promotion. I’ve been compiling a list of users who would be caught up by similar rules here, who regularly post low-quality self-promotional posts, don’t contribute in any meaningful way and who have posted in the last week or so. It counts 12 users at the moment, not including the Glasgow bots which would also be caught by these rules.

I’m on the verge of giving up on lemmy.ml altogether because of all the noise. It provides less and less value for me, and judging by your response it seems unlikely to improve in the near future. Perhaps lemmy.ml isn’t for me then, but if so that’s a choice you’ve made. You chose bots and spammers over a quality contributor.

I mean per-user blacklisting of instances and communities. That way I can clean up /c/all on my own.

In the meantime I ask if the instance should be linked at all as it doesn’t seem to provide any value, just noise.

Could something be done about the lemmy.glasgow.social instance?
It's just a bunch of bots set up by the admin to post blogspam that literally noone is interested in. For those of us who follow /all it's very noisy, and seems to be getting worse by the day. Once blacklisting has been implemented this shouldn't be a problem anymore, but would there be any objection to unlinking it until then?