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Not an OS and maybe not ‘boring’ to use, but checkout the tools from https://suckless.org/

Feneas - the "Federated Networks Organization" - is dissolving!
Just got an official email by the heads of Feneas about them ending the Association and their (federated) services. It's kinda sad to see them go, as I was quite fond of the idea of having a "melting pot" organization for the fed. Well, guess they never managed to live up to their goals unfortunately... If anyone has accounts there: Please migrate to another provider. NOTE: I haven't found any official statement online yet, so I just linked the official webpage of Feneas for the time being.

It is certainly not the “truth” - no matter how often you reiterate it. And it is most certainly NOT science.

I won’t be able to change your mind, so I won’t even try. But it seems you are at least a compassionate individual, so thank you for that.

Have a good one.

App: AntennaPod

I mostly listen to German podcasts, so my recommendations will probably not be of any value to you - but Chaosradio by the German CCC is quite entertaining.

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Same thing with Firefox’s “Don’t track me” feature. Turning it on might have the adverse effect of making you more trackable.

Makes me still a little sad every time I think about it. :/

I’d rather like to see people being treated with compassion when they are expressing their concerns. I don’t think an “us vs. them” mentality will lead us anywhere. In the end, we’re all in this together.

I mean, I also had to take a deep breath while singninh the petition, since I’m not used to post that many private details online, too.

Anyhow, I can understand your reaction and the frustration. If we, as a privacy concerned group of people, don’t sign up for this, who else would?

So thanks for signing up and sharing. Let’s try to change something for the better!

It's an official campaign run by the EDRi (European Digital Rights) and it's [members](https://edri.org/about-us/our-network). If you are in the EU, please sign the petition to change the law to something that respects peoples' privacy! (And please share, if possible. Thanks!)