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Things that nobody asked for are finally happening? Nice.

But still, discourse is a closed community and they’re adding even more functionality that results in a closed community. Why not embrace Matrix and activitypub?

So you’re telling me that everyone is burdening themselves with more work instead of focusing on what they are good at and is even happy with that?

All I read there is that flatpak was made so that developers can do badly what would be the job of the distro maintainers and is not the job of the developer in the first place.

All these “new kids on the block” like snap, flatpak and this other thing are complete crap. Distro maintainers just don’t want to do their job anymore and roll off the effort so that devs have to do it.

Luckily I use a proper distro without these bullshit “app solutions”!

You don’t seem to be a developer :)

I have been a developer for over 10 years now.

If you mix them with general discussions your entire project cycle management system breaks as you can’t have clear milestones etc. with forever open “issues” that are not issues but discussions.

I don’t see why an issue must be assigned to a milestone, so I don’t see how an issue can break any lifecycle.

An issues is usually a bug report or similar

Usually? And when it is not?

See, I don’t see any reasons why a feature discussion shouldn’t be an issue. “Issue” is just a fancy name for “Discussion”, isn’t it? So basically, these are all some kind of linear or tree-style discussion of some specific topic. There’s nothing more to it, is there?

So I don’t see why they should be seperate at all. Differentiation can be done via tags, labels, … or whatever you’d like to call it. That’s there already of course.

it seems to make sense to separate issue tracking from general development discussions.

How? Isn’t general development discussion actually an issue? If a discussion comes to a point and gets implemented, it is essentially an issue,…

I think the github discussion feature is completely useless. It is basically issues again, but worse … and now we have two places where users open issues.

Thanks for nothing, github.

They can say what they want… neovim is the best (and only) replacement for vim. 🤣

…with a new scripting language that isn’t LUA, isn’t taken from a project that already implemented one (neovim), but is very much invented here.

I can only shake my head.

I fully agree… Unfortunately sometimes it is not possible to have commandline merges, because that would mean that someone has push access… But for some projects that’s not possible, especially if two parties work on the same Project and some form of automation is in place (for example Bors/ a merge bot).

And of course the next minister in this position will reverse that change as soon as possible because of some bullshit reason they pull out of their asses.

Nooo. Cantata has been my favourite client of all times (even though I started as CLI/TUI Person …) Really sad to see it go. :-(

Maybe a few days of slow down, but possibly not even that. Greg KH will take over as he already does when Linus is on vacation, maybe a bit slowdown for a few days until it is officially decided (although I don’t know who it would be up to decide such a thing, actually).

Im not sure whether this is irony… But in case it Is not, you should definitely search for the comments Torvalds had on C++ for the kernel… Because they are very good (although of course a bit rant-y).

IMO the solution would be the permanent web (read: IPFS), but with some discoverability added on top.

Timetagger open source time tracking application
Just found this and am wondering if anyone has some experiences to share...