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There may be intelligent or basic living organisms in existence beyond human knowledge, however, we as humans may not define “it” as living. It is possible that there is a type of entity existing in present time that we cannot even compile ourselves to be able to identify. (A basic example can be a microorganism that is beyond the power of the strongest microscope. A more advance example can be any idea that can be defined as a type of existence that we as humans will never connect.)
So yes, I believe there is some external form of live in the universe. We just cannot access its presence.

Edit: To answer the question directly, I will personally find it disappointing if sustainable life can only be found on our planet.

If a country decided to irreversibly prohibit Facebook, this would have already occurred.
Avid users would testify the decision, attracting increased trouble with such a ban and discouraging other countries from proceeding.

For the manufacturer, income is obtained from initial television unit sales, plus presonalized advertisements leading to become the industry standard in consumer television.
Manufacturers posing “smart” televisions as an essential feature decreases consumers buying “not smart” televisions, meaning “not smart” televisions will unlikely enter the market at large proportions.

Most manufacturers are more focused on the consumer purchasing another handset rather than letting them hold on to the same device, unfortunately.
To them, it’s all about making that profit, rather than the quality.

Never really understood why NFTs were so popular.
Yet some people made lots of money out of NFTs.

Dessalines and Nutomic for being main contributors to Lemmy, as well as everyone who maintains or moderates an instance.

I’m also not a fan of him (and most other billionaires) either.
Didn’t realize that they have a GitHub, nor contribute to CoreBoot.

More users switching to decentralized federated services?
Yes please.

Censoring search results defeats the purpose of having a search engine in the first place.
A SearX instance (self-hosted or public) is a good alternative to DuckDuckGo.

Doesn’t make sense since I don’t recall any of Elon’s products being open-source or him being an open-source advocate in general. Sounds like he just wants it to be open for personal reasons.
If it does happen and becomes widely adopted, it may nudge other companies to do the same, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Update from the article:

Update (1700ET): The New York Times reports that, according to two people with knowledge of the situation, that Twitter’s board is considering a defensive move known as a poison pill that would severely limit Elon Musk’s ability to acquire the social media giant.

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Setup RSS for your Lemmy inbox. Saves having to login when you can just open up your RSS client.

I discovered Lemmy from Matrix and joined soon after despite getting multiple JavaScript errors while signing up.
Once it’s more stable, it’ll be perfect.

Services such as:

  • KDE Connect
  • Snapdrop
  • Syncthing

are all good options.

True. Invidious is a lifesaver from being bombarded with YT Premium ads.
Or even better than that, don’t use YouTube full stop.