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I guess you summarized the article better than me, but I still don’t see where any of this could be helpful.

As the article states, even the for-profit coops don’t put profit first and often develop when normal for-profit companies deem an activity unprofitable.

DAOs are the exact opposite in that regard. They exists as investment and speculation vehicles where people put money to make more money.

I just don’t see why anyone would put money into a DAO that is explicitly organized as a unprofitable as a typical coop. And even if someone was so charitable, I doubt that it would do any better than a regular coop would do with the same money.

I never quite understood the advantage of this over an electrical heat blanket though.

True, but a single use chemical reaction might produce heat more efficiently than the stove used to heat the water.

Reusable chemical heat pads that depend on heat stored in an aggregate change from liquid to solid also store more heat per volume than water I think.

Most likely GPLv3 for the client app and AGPL for any server side component.

Hmm tl;dr:

  • Lots of good ideas from coops, a bit hand-wavey how those could apply to DAOs
  • On the DAO side: You can do a lot of things when you have plenty of cash swapping around, unclear why people should put lots of cash into by design non-profit coops.

So I’m not sure what exactly we can learn from this piece…

I think evaluating Snikket could be a good option in the future as it really is a complete package similar to Matrix. It also has e2ee enabled by default when you are communicating between Snikket users.

Movim also has e2ee now and is a complete package with its PWA capable web-client, but OMEMO isn’t enabled by default for now.

It nice that they specifically mention why XMPP isn’t included, but they could also have included a specific client (like they basically do with Matrix) and evaluate that. Conversations for example does do e2ee by default when possible.

A client and server combination like Snikket or Movim could have also been evaluated.

Game theory at work turning this into a mutually assured destruction scenario where everyone loses.

Next step will be an AI that predicts when there will be stock and sends the order a few milliseconds before the stock is officially listed.

This back and forth is really a bit strange. You would think this would be Valve’s top priority so close to the launch when reviewers will for sure test exactly those games.

Probably would be bad anyways… those effects are only temporary, but would make people complacent to not change anything again for a while.

I don’t think that is something you can become, you either are or you arn’t. Although I guess it is a bit of a gradient from strait to bi to gay.

Its a bit unfair that only gay people get to unashamingly wear such fabulous suits 🥺

I have only lived there shortly but I do have some friends there.

Quality of live in Santiago or another big city is quite high, but at least compared to Europe even more privatized, so there are huge social differences especially in education and so on.

Outside of the big cities you can have great outdoor experiences, but services are more comparable to remote places.

Also no train network or such, but great quality and relatively affordable overland busses, but distances are huge.

Overall I would say its history of extreme privatization and social exclusion shows in most aspects of life, but due to the income from copper, lithium and agricultural exports it is a relatively wealthy country and thus lifestyle isn’t that far off that in the US or Europe.

Mobile survey app and cloud sync for Qgis projects

Super useful for field projects…

Yeah, that is the age it really comes home that many things you take for granted as a younger adult are not realistic any longer. Kinda sneaks up to you as it isn’t something you are aware off much before. Not so much health wise (yet), but in regards to how you are perceived in society and what additional responsibilities you have.

A better design for pockets wouldn’t hurt either…

The F-droid Version oft Lemmur is currently outdated and dies not log in. Otherwise it is fine I think.

Pidgin does not support the modern voice/video call function that is in Conversations.

On Windows you can use movim.eu in the browser to make calls. There is also an inofficial Windows build for Dino that in theory should work.

Loads, too many to list.

Selfhosted is usually referring to having your own hardware at home, with VPS as a secondary choice. So I still think those are duplicates.

Previously I used Dehydrated to request certs, but I had to change the setup and found it surprisingly hard to use certbot without it messing up my lovingly handcrafted Nginx configs. This seems to be a sane setup :)…

Sadly Gitea isn’t included in the official Debian repositories, but this guide is easy to follow…