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Some people tried this before, by rebranding feminism into a emancipatory movement that explicitly includes men.

The problem is that in our society/culture men are often even more indoctrinated into typical gender roles than females, because those male roles are being sold to them as being something better while in reality they are just perpetuating the toxic rat race / hustle culture.

The hight of the irony is when feminists want to take over male domains without realizing that they would be drawing the short stick by doing so.

Anyways, tl;dr an explicit “men’s movement” can’t work as it would just perpetuate toxic gender roles, and anything else is just a plain old emancipatory movement.

You are probably running a 32bit Rasbian OS on it, which artificially cripples the fully ARMv8 and 64bit capable CPU of the RPi4. But I think there is a 64bit Rasbian version now?

Wayland is not going to save the Linux Desktop
Some issues with Wayland explained.

Hmm, wouldn’t it make more sense to first implement federation between Gitea instances? I see little point in following an Gitea account from Mastodon and the PRs and issues would probably get spammy really fast.

New: Loomio chat integrations!
XMPP should work via a webhook bridge as well.

Look for an older used device with LinageOS support and replace the battery if needed. The originally higher priced devices from 2-3 generations ago still easily beat the cheap new ones.

Some of the less human voices sound pretty good, and the others are workable if you don’t expect polish from a hobby project that would have no voice acting at all otherwise.

I wonder what the license of the models is and what possible copyright implication might be when using a generated voice based on game voice actor 🤔

Obviously the gplay version is more convenient and also updated more quickly, however the F-Droid version is compiled by a trustworthy 3rd party, so you can be pretty sure that what you get is really based on the officially available source code and does not include any hidden modifications. Depending on you “paranoia” level that might be relevant to you or not 😅

Yeah, hard to answer your question as it is a bit like “Do you know some good email sites?”

Anyways, for a list of different fediverse software see: https://www.fediverse.party/

Exactly! Which is also why XMPP never really aimed to replaced IRC for public chat rooms and is strongest in 1:1 and private groups (and has an excellent gateway to join IRC channels).

I never really understood why Matrix made “everything” a group chat and basically started out as a glorified IRC bouncer. If those people behind old Freenode/Libera.chat were not so stuck in the past and held back IRC development a lot, then people would have definilty kept using modern IRC instead of switching to the buggy mess that is Matrix.

I don’t see what is “absurd” about it. Headline writers are really off the hook these days.

That is pretty cool, but is there also a selfhostable version with an easy API? Similar to Libre translate.

A system for live translations in chat without depending on external FAANG API would be nice.

There seems to be a Weechat plugin (normally a IRC client) for Emacs and there is a new xmpp module for Weechat that does e2ee via Omemo it seems. I never tried it so hard to say if that works, but it might.

Doable with XMPP, but a bit tricky to self host. The Jmp.chat / cheogram service does some of that though.

Mostly for historic reasons. They forked off to add some features and work around some performance issues in an earlier version of Lemmy before federation was added.

Anyone knows the status of the Hexbear migration back to standard Lemmy? Has been quite a while since they said they wanted to merge their changes back.

I think there was a hickup with the URL migration of Lemmy.ml and it was double counted for a while.

If their GDPR / cookie dialog is showing the typical dark patterns of trying to get you to consent to data sharing and your ad-blocker blinks like a Xmas tree with all the external JavaScript resources being loaded, you can be pretty sure that this website is actively disregarding your privacy. Sadly this applies to most commercial websites these days.

Havn’t had any issues with Manjaro for years and it is still a much nicer out of the box experience than any Arch installer provides.

Dunno, this certainly looks like a nice device to toy around with, but for the price you can definilty get a more hassle free home server.

I have a Pine64 cluster board, and while this is partially due to hardware bugs and bad software support, ultimately it never was really useful for hosting stuff and is currently collecting dust.

Maybe I can use it as a ARM CI runner in the future, but those Sopine64 compute modules only have 2gb ram, which might be a bit too little for compiling stuff.

Neat new collaborative web editor.

OnlyOffice Document server 7.1 released
Crossgeposted von: https://lemmy.ml/post/267879 > Finally with ARM support!

Actual personal budget app is now open source
Seems quite nice, especially that the device sync is e2ee.

Just got a bigger update, starting to look really quite nice! Edit: got it to work on my server. Not quite there yet in terms of functionality, but promising.

Changes: - Support OMEMO in private MUCs - Minimum iOS version is now 14.0 - Communication Notifications on iOS 15 - New improved and simplified notification appex - Switched to new newer libsignal-protocol-c version - Fixing some memory leaks - Fixes muc invites - Improve OMEMO e2ee - Reduce avatar image size to ~60kb to make ejabberd throttling happy - Support muc muting again and implement "mention only" notification mode for mucs - Fix voice messages from conversations - Allow deletion of history for one contact - Add autodeletion of messages after 3 days (default: off) - Update timeouts to make Monal work even under very bad/slow network conditions - Add support for xmpp: invites (https://docs.modernxmpp.org/client/invites/) - Use bigger iq timeouts to account for throttling by xmpp servers (like ejabberd) - Remove all old VoIP code (was not working anymore) - Prevent spurious "could not sync" errors in multi account setups - Use less memory on incoming stanza flood (only parse ~100 stanzas at once) - Fix error in message deduplication (some messages could be received twice)

goguma: An IRC client for mobile devices
Works extremely well with the IRCv3 capable Ergo.chat IRC server.

Crossgeposted von: https://lemmy.ml/post/233120 > Replaces the Zhabogram one.

XMPP Providers List
Some of the ranking is a bit questionable, but it is mainly meant for in-app selection.

Likely relevant with the increasing size of the Lemmy federation.

Basically allows you to receive emails on your XMPP address. Seems quite useful for notification and sign-up emails etc.