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Keepass XC and Syncthing is exactly what I do and it’s been amazing.

LessPass and Spectre are really bad ideas. They sounded cool to me too until I thought about it more.

If your password for one site is compromised, you can’t change it, ever, which is already a dealbreaker. Moreover, the algorithm for creating the password is very fast - which means that if someone finds out your password for one service, they can brute force your master password extremely fast relative to other password managers. And they don’t even need access to your vault. Keep in mind, I’m not a security expert at all so I might be wrong about this.

Bitwarden and Keepass XC are the only password managers I recommend because attackers need access to your vault/database to be able to crack anything, and the cryptography used is intentionally slow as to make brute forcing less practical. The most ideal is to self host or use an offline database like Keepass does, which makes the risk of your database being compromised practically zero unless you’re some high profile target.

I found it from the Privacy Guides “social news aggregators” page. It describes Lemmy as a fediverse-compliant Reddit alternative, which sounded really appealing to me. I joined pretty quickly after that.

Edit: looks like they removed it a couple of days after I posted this lol. I guess that makes sense, given PrivacyGuides is meant explicitly for tools that are designed for privacy, supporting encryption and such. Any social media doesn’t really fit that. You can see the discussion that lead to its removal here.

Though I am with you in hating Western Big Tech apologia, I don’t agree with this point overall. Even the sources you linked show that TikTok collects an ungodly amount of data on its users. The Clario study shows that it’s in 6th place… is being lower than Facebook and Instagram supposed to be an accomplishment? And it’s much higher than Twitter and Zoom, which is definitely not a good thing.