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Y’all know the problem with the current shill, for-profit, centralized spy internet.

Why was the internet in the past good, you ask? Because it was free. It had the good, bad and ugly, but it was free. Fediverse had everything to create a good Internet 2.0, but it failed. Rather than relying on users’ freedom to choose which instances they want to join, they listened to those who believe in censorship and limited freedom of speech.

Now that the culture wars of those who believe in censorship have won and more people are using matrix.org will have the filtered experience, the isolated islands you’re talking about. Tearing apart the unique reason for federation. It may take several decades for a more mature platform to emerge without the same problems.

At least it’s better than privacy alternatives, but it doesn’t scale in a free and ethical way.

I bet my chips on the Gemini protocol, to be honest. Federation is not stupid. It was killed.

Edit: Gemini