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They made it rather clear why it happened if you actually listen to them. But the western news were presented in a way to prevent people from making sense of what was happening, since the beginning.

That might be true, but it’s also more personal and us introverts get lots of anxiety exposing ourselves.

I want the option to block instances, but why you need to offend so many people at once in a single post? Calling communists fascists. That’s like saying your christian friend is a lover of satan for no reason except to intentionally annoy them. This is not civilized at all.

Instead of blocking the votes, you could count them differently. But I think this makes more sense as a parameter for federation between instances, not something specific to communities. In your example you could still federate with the people that behave badly in your instace, but assign a low value to their votes.

I think just the first and last images are enough for a meme.

Hm… Yes. I am guilty of this. I would not say I always upvote/downvote, but the bias exists.

Some possible meanings: high/low effort, good/bad argument, agree/disagree, funny/lame. I more or less expect all of those depending on context and the type of post/comment itself. Often combined.

I saw [this discussion](https://lemmy.ml/post/419474/comment/252232) in the comment section of some post, and it was about what the vote should be used for and how there is no official guideline for how to use it. I thought this was such a good question, that it deserved a post of its own. Related question would be if there should be multiple scores with different meanings, through which posts can be sorted.

I did not know about the modlog all this time. There is a comment removed with the reasons being “no call for assassinations”. But which rule is being applied here? Are we adding “no calls for violence” too?

One thing that I honestly don’t understand is if you despise some behavior or opinion, why do you want to constantly expose yourself to people promoting it? Like in those shit<someone>says communities, where they show people saying terrible things online. Do you want to feel outraged or are you a masochist?

I browse some communities there, and block some others for my well being. I believe hate is bad for you even when deserved. Not everyone wants to radicalize into a militant. You want to go to a war? I fully respect that. Now leave others who don’t want alone. And so everyone knows, there are hate communities on lemmy.ml too. It’s more common than one might think. Take good care of your mental health.

No. You make good arguments and I am amazed by the energy you put into them. Just keep political content where appropriate and your contribution is appreciated.

“I see this as an absolute win”. First!

It could be a monthly highlight covering the big instances and developings. I remember some time ago there was some fuss about making a virtual lemmy coin or something. You could also pretend each instance is like a little country and play geopolitics satire like… “tensions rise as lemmy.ml makes too many german jokes and feddit.de threatens to defederate, admins are currently talking diplomatic solutions to humorous crisis”.

One way people justify the existence of prisons nowadays is by claiming their purpose is to rehabilitate people they consider to pose a danger to society. That is they can unlearn whatever caused them to commit crimes and change their behavior. I think re-education is a very similar concept applied to a more ideologically strict society.

So what we want here is wolverine making out with the guy. Nice.

How is this possible?

I think the first one is visually easier on your brain. The second requires more attention. That is despite them requiring the exact same player input to complete.

Sometimes a random post with an image would lag my phone (using jerboa) and i assumed it was because of the image was too big, but your post was fine for me.

Square root of 2. For those who don’t know, it’s the aspect ratio of the A series of paper (A3, A4, A5, etc), and that is useful for it grants the piece of paper a very cool property. When you cut it in half (parallel to the shortest side) you end up with two pieces of paper with the same aspect ratio as the original piece. So you can keep dividing the paper infinitely and the pieces will always have the original ratio of square root of 2.

I vote bananas because they are reliable, nutritious and accessible.