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I am sceptical as well, I had the same underwhelming experience as when I tried jami last time.

They probably don’t even mind youtube ads, they just want to be part of “the next big thing”

No, a man in Changde used a VPN to “override the wall” to visit an overseas website and was administratively punished!

So the person was punished, probably for watching porn, but further down it says:

The police of the Internet Security Brigade of the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau discovered during work that someone had used the software “over the wall” to access overseas networks. The policeman who handled the case immediately launched an investigation and quickly found out that Chen used the “over the wall” software to browse pornography abroad. The illegal facts of the website. According to the investigation of the police, after the offender Chen bought the “over-wall” software “Shadowrocket” from Wu in February 2019, he downloaded the software to his iPhone and used the software to establish illegal channels on the phone.

even further down:

In order to strengthen the management of the international networking of computer information networks and ensure the healthy development of international computer information exchanges, China has formulated the Interim Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Management of International Networking of Computer Information Networks, which stipulates that “computer information networks must be directly connected to the international network. Use the international access channel provided by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications National Public Telecommunications Network. No unit or individual may establish or use other channels for international networking." If the above regulations are violated, the public security agency will order the suspension of networking, give a warning, and can also impose a penalty of less than 15,000 yuan. Fines; where there are illegal gains, the illegal gains shall be confiscated.

Even if most people would still use Facebook if it cost 1EUR/year just like whatsapp did in the beginning, I hope and think that people would then be much more critical of data breaches and advertising

I have never “optimized” it, just install, make sure it runs automatically (which most likely it does) and you are good to go

I can vouch for tlp, if you have a linux laptop and don’t run tlp on it you are missing out hard. Battery life +50% in my experience at least!

Maybe in part that was because you were expecting it to suggest that you follow a couple of famous people?

It took a while for me to get used to it as well, but then I just followed random people who seemed kinda interesting but weren’t famous. This led to my stream being completely different as I was used from other social media and that’s what I like on mastodon. Mind you I unfollowed many of the people that I followed at first, but just because I learned that one person tooting every 10 seconds is annoying or I found people that I found more interesting.

when spritely will be done and have a frontend or will be integrated into pleroma or mastodon it will have totally different privacy implications. If that is what you are looking for :)

If I understand correctly they would be able to have totally different sharing modes, like sharing only to friends of friends or things like that.

These are the people who should start their own fediverse instance:

  • already existing group structures (they can do moderation themselves and get their instance managed by some admin they know or pay someone like

  • people who have the technical knowledge can start a server for themselves and others, if they want to commit to the technical work it takes, they can make users etc help them with moderation

Also it’s totally ok for someone to host a single user instance or test instance, but that’s more of a personal hobby thing imo

Wow pretty cool effortposting

but I wouldn’t have said to prefer pleroma over mastodon. Most work and cost will come with moderation anyways with a medium-sized community-server and mastodon is the easier to use introduction for people who are new with this kind of stuff.

Oh I read your other comments and syncthing is literally what you are looking for. It’s like nextcloud in most ways, but without the nextcloud server, you can make a nextcloud folder or whatever and have it synced between devices without a server.

I wonder why you are being downvoted, I agree that self-hosting Nextcloud isn’t easy, upgrades break things, apps don’t work properly etc!

Also a distributed personal cloud thing that I maybe host a server for which has 2x the storage which is then shared with others would be cool and maybe more reliable. But that would be a very ambitious software project.

Good to see linux devices, but selling a proper linux tablet with “polished, mac like” will under deliver, I am sorry. People will buy this with the expectation that it’s like an iPad and it won’t be.

That’s not the fault of the device obv, but how it’s marketed.

Also I am not sure I would buy products like this from chinese brands, I know that the mi air notebook was very well speced 3 years ago and had a mac-like beautiful aluminum unibody. But having seen it and used it it was way too expensive for not having a mac like batterylife, cooling solution, display and many more things unfortunately. If they had bought a device for a similar price from any other major brand they would’ve gotten a better attuned device.

Good luck to them still, of course.

I agree that this is pretty thin evidence. It’s worrying though, also what kind of governance do they have? There is a loki CTO, etc. Maybe one day they’ll sell to facebook once enough users are caught in their API and apps?

Maybe what’s worrying me most is how certain people rush towards everything with cryptocurrency in it.

Like it’s a pretty bad situation if all service nodes in this network earn money doing it and that’s their incentive instead of them being volunteers. Why wouldn’t someone just offer them a modified service node software which isn’t distinguishable from the outside, but you earn more money while collecting and give away the tunnels that this server builds? This would cost the attacker some money, but they could figure out who sends what in this network if a large number of service nodes do this.

A network run by enthusiast, non-profits and other groups is way stronger in this regard.

Also doesn’t this violate freedom of speech in some way?

What's the deal with SESSION, Lokinet, $OXEN and LLARP

Lokinet is a onion-router (like tor, i2p) implementation of the LLARP protocol which tries to be a modern re-implementation of i2p. [Session](https:/…