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Why are minority communities centered on exclusion instead of inclusion?

If you’re a Nevernude and you go to the Nevernude congress, wouldn’t you also accept people who aren’t Nevernudes, if they adhere to your rules and don’t say anything against Nevernudes? …

If you’d go by how other projects are doing it, you should create an altcoin named LemmyCoin and have Elon Musk tweet about it in 3 years.

buy, lemmyngs ;) (Elon Musk, probably, 2024)

depends on the slur. For example, some people like to be called whøre, myself included.

but sometimes strict moderation leads to sacrifices i guess…

which sacrifices? Do we want them?

Magnesium and Hydrogen, what could go wrong?

Sounds good, but only feasible if we drastically reduce costs for renewables. Which is not happening soon.

Probably putting hydrogen into the regular gas storage systems and using that would be a solution.

Only governments can censor stuff.

You’re just deleting, banning, deplatforming.

The amount is right but the moderation principles and rules are basically not present.

Create a proper netiquette and/or proper set of rules or code of conduct.

Thanks for all the quick fixes. You’ve been incredibly responsive.

It’s all Electron shit. It’s so easy to make bad Electron apps and so hard to do it right.

There’s also a Firefox addon which redirects you automatically IIRC

Oh wow, what happened?

We can have unixporn here… But maybe just name it ‘screenshots’ so it’s for all OSes

Or sockpuppets on this site, if you do it without the admins noticing. If you like to have conversations with yourself, by all means…

What would be really cool woild be having this for Windows. Jk, be sure to post this to r/unixporn, those folks love these things.

Someone who is always eager to let you know that whatever it is you’re doing would be done better in LispLanguage. Why? Don’t ask, they can’t explain it to the rest of us. The wise course is to stay clear and wait for them to go extinct.
Nonsense, they can and will explain it. Some of it isn’t true, but a lot of it is.
[smug smug smug smug]
And whether they actually are able to explain it or not, quite often they will try. And this is not necessarily a good thing, depending on whether your ride’s leaving.


  • C99 to find out how everything works.
  • Golang because it’s fast and forces you to write in a good style.
  • Python for all the packages that exist and the capabilities of stringing together three libraries and calling it a day.

In that order! IMHO you should first learn how the basics (data types, memory mapping, …) work before you get more comfortable.

You could swap Golang with Rust and C99 with Zig if you want to be more Hipster.

i’d like to see a community dedicated to shoutouts for discovering new, interesting, or obscure communities

Lemmy communities? You can just browse them on the corresponding tab… Or did you mean communities in general?

almost all of them are too small to really be helpful for discussions or answering questions

you can change that! What are your favourite programming languages?

yeah, I also like layer8.space for the IT professionals and techs there. Lots of privacy-focused talk and background information on security issues sometimes way before they hit twitter.

what are your favourite communities outside Lemmy?

and are there already sublemmies Lemmy communities for them? If not, why didn’t you create one? ;)…